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9/10/15 Boehner: "We'll Use Every Tool at Our Disposal to Stop, Slow, & Delay this Agreement" 9/10/15 Boehner Provides Update on the House's Ongoing Planned Parenthood Investigation 9/09/15 Speaker Boehner Welcomes Christian Leaders Opposed to the Iran Deal 9/08/15 Boehner Backs Governors Standing Strong Against Iran 9/02/15 Letter to the Hon. Barack Obama, President of the United States - Mount McKinley 8/30/15 Speaker Boehner on the President's Decision to Rename Mount McKinley 8/26/15 Speaker Boehner Honors 19th Amendment Anniversary 8/24/15 Speaker Boehner Applauds New Administrator of Opportunity Scholarship Program 8/22/15 Pittsburgh-Tribune: For The Sake Of Jobs, Lift The Ban On Exporting U.S. Oil 8/19/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement's Secret Side Deals 8/14/15 Speaker Boehner on Reopening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba 8/12/15 Speaker Boehner Calls For Action & Accountability Following EPA's Toxic Spill 8/11/15 Speaker Boehner on Secretary Clinton Turning Over Email Server 8/11/15 BOEHNER COLUMN: A Commitment to Providing Excellent Constituent Services 8/08/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on the Fight Against ISIL 8/07/15 Speaker Boehner on the July 2015 Unemployment Report 8/04/15 Boehner Statement on Resolution of Disapproval on President's Iran Deal 8/03/15 Boehner on President Obama's National Energy Tax 7/31/15 Hire More Heroes Act, Top Republican Priority, Becomes Law 7/24/15 Boehner Statement on Secretary Clinton's Emails Including Classified Information 7/23/15 Boehner on Iran: "Will America Be Safer?" 7/23/15 Boehner on Next Week's House Benghazi Hearing 7/23/15 BOEHNER COLUMN: 21st Century Cures Empowers Doctors to Bring Life-Saving Treatments to Patients 7/22/15 Boehner on Iran Deal, House Focus on the People's Priorities 7/20/15 Boehner Statement on U.N. Security Council Vote 7/20/15 Speaker Boehner on the Reopening of the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC 7/16/15 "This Is a Bad Deal": Boehner Says Obama Administration Agreement Paves the Way to a Nuclear Iran 7/16/15 WIBW - Calls for Hearings Following Undercover Planned Parenthood Video 7/16/15 Letter to Alice Maroni, Acting Director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Company - Delay in Providing Final Benefit Determinations for Delphi Salaried Retirees 7/16/15 Boehner Statement Regarding the Attack on Military Personnel in Tennessee 7/16/15 Ohio Delegation Continues Fight for Final Benefits for Delphi Salaried Retirees 7/16/15 We Will "Protect the Values that We Hold Dear" 7/16/15 Boehner Statement on Bipartisan Passage of Water Resource Management Legislation 7/16/15 Portman Joins Turner and Ohio Republican Delegation in Continuing to Hold the Administration Accountable on Final Benefits for Delphi Salaried Retirees 7/15/15 Speaker Boehner on Highway Program Extension 7/15/15 Speaker Boehner Calls for Hearings on Grisly Abortion Practices, Says President Obama Should Denounce Them 7/15/15 Help and Hope for ALS Patients 7/14/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement 7/13/15 Rep. Curbelo on Appointment to NDAA Conference Committee 7/10/15 Congressman Russell Joins House-Senate NDAA Conference 7/10/15 21st Century Cures: Getting New, Life-Saving Treatments to the Patients Who Need Them 7/10/15 Speaker Boehner Applauds South Carolina for Removal of Confederate Flag 7/09/15 Boehner Challenges Obama Administration on Iran, ISIL 7/09/15 Politico - 21st Century Cures: Helping Americans Live Longer, Healthier Lives 7/09/15 Speaker Boehner Praises Passage of Bipartisan Forests Bill 7/09/15 Huffington Post: Battle Over Confederate Flag Engulfs Congress 7/09/15 Speaker Boehner Calls on President Obama to Fire OPM Chief 7/09/15 House Continues Getting Things Done for the American People 7/09/15 Boehner Says Secretary Clinton, State Department Are Prolonging Benghazi Investigation 7/09/15 VIDEO: Leading on #Cures2015

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