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10/11/15 Happy Birthday, Sam Johnson 9/02/15 Letter to the Hon. Barack Obama, President of the United States - Mount McKinley 7/10/15 Speaker Boehner Applauds South Carolina for Removal of Confederate Flag 7/09/15 Huffington Post: Battle Over Confederate Flag Engulfs Congress 7/09/15 Detroit News - S.C. Governor Signs Bill to Remove Confederate Flag 7/08/15 Congress Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War 5/08/15 Victory in Europe 5/06/15 Letter to the Public - National Day of Prayer 4/21/15 Boehner, McConnell Support Capitol Police Board Recommendations on Memorial Day & Independence Day Concerts 3/24/15 "Yes Sir!": A Congressional Gold Medal For Jack Nicklaus 1/27/15 Ohioans on the Hill: Xavier Men's Basketball Team Stops by the Capitol 1/19/15 MLK Day: A Time to "Embrace The Newness of Life and Liberty" 1/12/15 Boehner, Tiberi, Stivers Challenge Zinke, Walden in College Football National Championship Game 1/10/15 The Biggest Long Shot 12/10/14 A Gold Medal for WWII Civil Air Patrol Heroes 11/07/14 Boehner Marks Berlin Wall Anniversary In Letter to Merkel 11/06/14 Letter to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany - Berlin Wall Anniversary 9/17/14 Constitution Day 9/12/14 200 Years for Our National Anthem 9/11/14 Boehner: House Is Ready to Work with President on Plan to Destroy ISIL, But White House Must Address Strategy Questions 9/10/14 A Gold Medal For The Fallen Heroes of 9/11 6/30/14 Blog: Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 6/24/14 Congressman Boehner on the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 6/20/14 Boehner Pays Tribute to Father of Civil Rights Act, Congressman William McCulloch 6/19/14 Boehner Statement on the 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer 12/06/13 Let's Go Big Moe 11/22/13 Boehner Reflects on 11/22/63: "We All Put Our Heads Down On Our Desks and Prayed" 1/21/13 Embracing Martin Luther King Jr.'s Call to Serve 7/04/12 Congressman Boehner's Independence Day Tribute: "Here's to the Spirit of "76" 12/19/11 Providing for Placement of Statue or Bust of Winston Churchill in Capitol 9/12/11 Congressman Boehner Addresses 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony 9/09/11 Congressman Boehner: House 9/11 Resolution Renews Vow to "Never Forget' 7/04/11 Congressman Boehner Marks Independence Day 1/17/11 Congressman Boehner Honors the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 7/27/10 Recognizing 20th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act 7/01/10 This 4th of July, 'The Spirit Of '76' Remains Alive And Strong 9/11/09 Boehner Statement On The Eighth Anniversary Of The September 11th Terrorist Attacks 6/03/09 Remarks By House Minority Leader John Boehner At The Unveiling Of A Statue To Honor Former President Ronald Reagan 5/06/09 Honoring Jack Kemp 3/17/09 Friends of Ireland Statement 10/03/07 Boehner Statement on Slanderous Attacks Against Radio Host Rush Limbaugh 9/25/07 Ask Boehner: Investing in Our Security, Passport Rules Reinstated 6/29/07 Celebrating Independence, Honoring Our Troops 5/18/07 Honoring Those Who Have Died Fighting for Our Freedom 3/28/07 Boehner Promises Fight if Democrats Change Rules to Halt GOP Success in Modifying Bills 11/17/06 Celebrating America's Spirit of Community Service 9/17/06 Fox News Sunday - Transcript 6/30/06 Independence Day a Time to Celebrate, a Time for Thanks 6/07/06 Boehner Statement on Passage of Broadcast Decency Bill 2/05/06 MSNBC Meet The Press-Transcript

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