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9/15/14 What We Can Accomplish When Senate Dems Actually Put American Jobs & Families First 1/15/14 Improving Employment, Not Unemployment 1/09/14 Boehner: House Continues Push on Jobs & ObamaCare Oversight 1/07/14 - Senate Agrees to Proceed with Unemployment-Benefits Extension, with Both Ohio Senators Voting Yes 1/07/14 National Journal - Senate Democrats: "We're All a Bit Surprised' by Unemployment Benefits Vote 1/07/14 Boehner Statement on Jobs 1/01/14 Issue Position: Cutting Government Spending 3/03/13 NBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript - Sequester and Gun Control 2/01/13 Speaker Boehner: Wrong Time for POTUS to Scrap Jobs Council & Delay Budget 10/05/12 Congressman Boehner Statement on the September Unemployment Report 9/20/12 Congressman Boehner: Democrats Fail to Lead While GOP Continues Taking Action on Jobs 9/07/12 Congressman Boehner Statement on August Unemployment Report 8/03/12 Congressman Boehner Statement on the July 2012 Unemployment Report 8/03/12 Congressman Boehner Statement on the July 2012 Unemployment Report 7/06/12 Congressman Boehner Statement on June Unemployment Report 6/14/12 Appropriations Committee Rejects D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Funding 6/08/12 Former Small Businessman Boehner: Mr. President, Private Sector Is Not Doing Fine 5/21/12 Republicans Launch Women's Policy Committee in House; New Caucus Gives Voice to Key Group on Important Issues 5/08/12 Congressman Boehner on CNBC: "The President Is Not Leading" on Economic Growth, Job Creation, & Our Skyrocketing Debt 5/04/12 Congressman Boehner Statement on April 2012 Jobs Report 4/20/12 CBO Report Confirms President Obama's Policies Hurt Job Growth 4/10/12 Dem Disconnect: Americans Want Action on Jobs & Gas Prices, But President Obama Hellbent on Higher Taxes 4/02/12 Statement by Speaker Boehner on President Obama's Budget Speech 2/09/12 American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act "A 180-Degree Turn" from President Obama's Failed "Stimulus' Approach 2/03/12 Statement by Congressman Boehner on Bipartisan Talks to Extend Payroll Tax Cut 2/01/12 Waiting for Senate Democrats' Full-Year Payroll Tax Relief Plan 1/19/12 Congressman Boehner: "Jobs Bill After Jobs Bill" Has Been Blocked by Democratic-Run Senate 1/06/12 Boehner Statement on December Unemployment Report 1/01/12 Issue Position: Cutting Government Spending 1/01/12 Issue Position: Cutting Taxes and Creating Jobs 12/20/11 Letter to President Obama 12/16/11 Boehner Column: Pro-Growth Policies Encourage Job Creation in Ohio 12/09/11 Republicans Introduce Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act 9/15/11 Congressman Boehner: House Votes to Stop NLRB from Impeding Private-Sector Job Creators 9/09/11 Blog: GOP Patent Bill Ready to Become Law, Boost Job Creation 9/08/11 Congressman Boehner Says White House, Congress Should Seek Common Ground on Removing Barriers to Private-Sector Job Creation 9/06/11 Blog: Republicans Reach Out to White House on Job Creation, While Economists, Editorial Boards Weigh in Against More "Stimulus' Spending 8/24/11 After Failed "Stimulus" Binge, CBO Says Unemployment Rate Could Remain Above 8% Until 2014 7/24/11 Fox News "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript 7/10/11 Growing Private-Sector Jobs In America Can Only Be Done Without Tax Hikes 2/16/11 Washington Post - Obama Defends Budget's Deficit-Cutting Measures 2/04/11 Citing Jobs Report, Congressman Boehner Calls On President Obama to Abandon Quest for More Failed "Stimulus" Spending & Debt, Support GOP Plan to Unshackle America's Economy 1/07/11 Boehner: Jobs Report Highlights Need to Focus on Cutting Spending & Growing the Economy 12/03/10 Boehner on 9.8% Unemployment: Dem Leaders Should Stop Wasting Time on Tax Hike Votes 8/05/10 Members of Congress Press Gov. Strickland for Answers on "Stimulus" Mismanagement, Failure to Establish Independent Oversight Panel 7/22/10 Boehner, Walden, Culberson Renew Push For "Read The Bill' Reform 7/20/10 Where are the Jobs? 7/19/10 Boehner: President Offers "Disingenuous Attacks, Not Answers" 7/16/10 Boehner: "Where are the Jobs?" 4/30/10 Boehner: "A Jobless Recovery Is Not What Americans Were Promised

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