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6/09/15 Boehner on House Passage of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act 4/30/15 The New York Times - Patriot Act Faces Revisions Backed by Both Parties 4/27/15 Politico - House Passes Info Sharing Bill, Ball in Senate Court 4/23/15 Los Angeles Times - Death of 2 Western Hostages Won't End U.S. Drone Strikes 4/22/15 House Acts to Strengthen Cybersecurity, Protect Privacy 4/22/15 Focus on People's Priorities Continues With Cybersecurity & Trade 3/21/15 Troy Daily News: Harvesting Technology 2/26/15 Boehner Denounces FCC's "Secret Plan to Put the Federal Government in Control of the Internet' 11/10/14 Boston Globe - Obama Backs Equal Access to Internet 11/10/14 Boehner: Net Neutrality Hurts Private-Sector Job Creation 9/17/14 Boehner: House Takes 'Important, Initial Step Forward in Taking on ISIL' 1/16/14 Congressman Boehner on Passage of ObamaCare Transparency Bill 1/10/14 Ohioans Have the Right to Know 4/18/13 Congressman Boehner: Bipartisan Cybersecurity Bill Important for Homeland Security, American Jobs 9/20/12 GOP Tech Working Group Announces Technology Accomplishments 7/26/12 Fox News "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript 4/20/12 Boehner, Cantor & Thornberry Announce House Votes on Cybersecurity Bills 10/05/11 Congressman Boehner Praises New Cybersecurity Task Force Recommendations from Rep. Thornberry, GOP Members 10/05/11 Cybersecurity Task Force Releases Recommendations 9/09/11 Blog: GOP Patent Bill Ready to Become Law, Boost Job Creation 6/21/11 Patent Reform Agreement Ends Fee Diversion, Preserves Oversight 6/01/11 Communication from Law Revision Counsel, House of Representatives 3/16/11 Chaffetz Leads Technology Team 2/28/11 Boehner's Speech to the National Religious Broadcasters on Washington's Spending Binge 2/13/11 NBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript 5/12/10 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Reining in the Federal Communications Commission 10/23/08 Boehner Challenges Comments by Democratic Sen. Bingaman on So-Called "Fairness" Doctrine 10/16/08 Boehner Calls on Democratic Leaders to Preserve Phone, Email Records as Part of Mahoney Investigation 6/25/08 Boehner Responds to Speaker Pelosi's Endorsement of So-Called "Fairness" Doctrine 6/20/08 FISA Amendments Act of 2008 6/13/08 Boehner Urges FCC to Drop Backdoor Fairness Doctrine Rules 6/11/08 Boehner Calls on Democratic Colleagues to Support Free Speech & Sign Pence Petition to Ban Fairness Doctrine 3/14/08 FISA Amendments Act of 2008 10/31/07 Boehner Hails Signing of Seven-Year Internet Tax Moratorium 10/04/07 Boehner Calls for U.S. House Vote on a Permanent Internet Tax Ban 9/10/07 Boehner Calls on Democratic Leaders to Denounce Ad 8/17/07 Free Speech Under Attack by Calls to Revive Fairness Doctrine 6/28/07 Boehner Calls House Passage of Pence Amendment a Victory for Free Speech 6/28/07 Financial Services And General Government Appropriations Act, 2008 10/04/06 Press Release - An Open Letter to the People of Ohio's Eighth Congressional District 9/28/06 Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 5825, Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act 9/14/06 Legislative Program 7/11/06 Boehner: House Passes 2nd American Values Agenda Bill, Cracks Down on Internet Gambling 6/07/06 Boehner Statement on Passage of Broadcast Decency Bill 4/26/06 Boehner Statement on House Passage of Intelligence Bill 3/29/06 Boehner Statement on Online Freedom of Speech Act 12/14/05 Boehner Votes to Renew Anti-Terrorism Bill 12/24/04 Boehner Answers Community's Questions 5/28/04 Boehner Answers Community's Questions

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