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10/29/15 Farewell Address: This, Too, Can Really Happen To You 10/23/15 Boehner Appoints GOP Members to New Select Investigative Panel 10/22/15 Boehner: Defense Veto Must Not Stand 10/21/15 "Special Report with Bret Baier" - Transcript: Boehner on the Benghazi Committee and the Administration's Stonewalling 10/20/15 Speaker Boehner Signs National Defense Authorization Act 10/11/15 Happy Birthday, Sam Johnson 10/08/15 Statement by Speaker Boehner on the Speaker Election 10/07/15 House Establishes Select Panel to Investigate Abortion Practices 10/05/15 Boehner Announces Date for Floor Vote for New Speaker 10/01/15 Boehner Statement on the Benghazi Select Committee 10/01/15 House Passes Bipartisan Defense Bill to Keep America Safe, Provide the Resources Our Troops Need 9/27/15 "Face the Nation" - Transcript: "It's Been a Great Run" 9/25/15 Statement by House Speaker John Boehner 9/25/15 Speaker Boehner: "It's Been An Honor To Serve" 9/17/15 Constitution Day 9/10/15 Boehner: "We'll Use Every Tool at Our Disposal to Stop, Slow, & Delay this Agreement" 9/10/15 Boehner on ObamaCare Ruling: Big Victory for Limited Government & Our First Principles 9/08/15 Boehner Backs Governors Standing Strong Against Iran 8/30/15 Speaker Boehner on the President's Decision to Rename Mount McKinley 8/26/15 Speaker Boehner Honors 19th Amendment Anniversary 8/12/15 Speaker Boehner Calls For Action & Accountability Following EPA's Toxic Spill 8/11/15 BOEHNER COLUMN: A Commitment to Providing Excellent Constituent Services 8/11/15 Speaker Boehner on Secretary Clinton Turning Over Email Server 7/24/15 Boehner Statement on Secretary Clinton's Emails Including Classified Information 7/09/15 Speaker Boehner Calls on President Obama to Fire OPM Chief 7/01/15 IJReview: Under Republican Leadership, Congress is Getting Things Done 6/26/15 Marietta Daily Journal - Georgia Lawmakers Decry Health Care Ruling 6/25/15 Taunton Daily Gazette - Mass. Legislators Laud Supreme Court's Decision on Affordable Care Act Subsidies 6/11/15 Boehner Continues to Press for Real VA Reform 5/28/15 Boehner: American People Deserve the Truth in the IRS Scandal 5/27/15 Speaker Boehner on the Latest EPA Power Grab 5/27/15 Speaker Boehner on Tomorrow's House v. Burwell Hearing 5/26/15 Speaker Boehner on Ruling to Block President Obama's Unilateral Immigration Actions 5/20/15 VA Accountability 5/13/15 A Service Of Thanksgiving To God For The Life And Legacy Of The Honorable James C. Wright, Jr, 12th District of Texas, Speaker Of The U.S. House Of Representatives 5/12/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on House's Bipartisan WOTUS Bill 5/06/15 Letter to the Public - National Day of Prayer 5/06/15 Speaker Boehner on the Passing of Speaker Jim Wright 5/03/15 NBC News " Meet The Press" - Transcript: Boehner On Education, Police Brutality, and The Trans Pacific Partnership 4/29/15 Speaker Boehner on Japanese PM Shinzo Abe's Address to the U.S. Congress 4/23/15 Los Angeles Times - Death of 2 Western Hostages Won't End U.S. Drone Strikes 4/22/15 Focus on People's Priorities Continues With Cybersecurity & Trade 4/20/15 Boehner Column: After 100 Days, House Focus Remains Strong on People's Priorities 4/14/15 Speaker Boehner Announces House Republican Budget Negotiators 3/27/15 Boehner Statement on Sen. Harry Reid's Retirement Announcement 3/06/15 Speaker Boehner on Chairman Candice Miller's Retirement 3/01/15 CBS News "Face the Nation" Transcript: Face the Nation Transcripts March 1, 2015: Boehner, Feinstein, Huckabee 3/01/15 CBS News - Boehner: GOP Infighting an "Argument Over Tactics" 2/26/15 Speaker Boehner Mourns the Passing of Rep. Alan Nunnelee 2/09/15 Senate, House Leaders Introduce Resolution to Stop NLRB Ambush Election Rule

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