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10/21/15 Scholarships For Opportunity And Results Reauthorization Act 10/05/15 Speaker Boehner Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Reauthorize DC School Choice Program 8/24/15 Speaker Boehner Applauds New Administrator of Opportunity Scholarship Program 7/08/15 Every Child Should Have A Chance at a Great Education 5/03/15 NBC "Meet the Press" Transcript: May 3, 2015 5/03/15 NBC News " Meet The Press" - Transcript: Boehner On Education, Police Brutality, and The Trans Pacific Partnership 2/26/15 President Obama Should Back Bipartisan College Savings Bill 2/25/15 A Bipartisan Vote to Expand College Savings for Middle-Class Families 2/25/15 A Good Conservative Bill That Empowers Parents & Students 1/30/15 The Civil Right of the 21st Century 1/29/15 Local Opposition to President's 529 Tax 1/28/15 "You Can Change The Face Of Education" 1/27/15 Republican Leaders Recognize National School Choice Week 1/27/15 Boehner Calls On President Obama to Drop Tax on 529 Plans 1/27/15 Republican Leaders Recognize National School Choice Week 1/27/15 Ohioans on the Hill: Xavier Men's Basketball Team Stops by the Capitol 1/27/15 No Tax Hikes on College Savings 11/06/14 New Majority Will Continue Focus on Jobs & the Economy 11/05/14 Wall Street Journal - Now We Can Get Congress Going 10/03/14 Speaker Boehner on the September 2014 Unemployment Report 9/23/14 Hamilton Journal-News - Five Points to Help Kick Start Our Economy 9/18/14 Remarks by House Speaker John Boehner - American Enterprise Institute 9/18/14 Remarks by House Speaker John Boehner - American Enterprise Institute 9/10/14 Piqua Daily Call: We're Maintaining Our Focus 8/25/14 As You Head Back to School, Remember These Things 5/17/14 Boehner Column: Charter Schools Work 5/09/14 Charter Schools Bill Passes House 5/08/14 Boehner Backs Bipartisan Charter Schools Bill 5/07/14 Let's Celebrate Charter Schools Week by Rallying Support for Education Opportunity 2/16/14 Boehner Column: We Can Become a Nation of Builders Once Again 1/31/14 Mr. President, What Are You Waiting For? 1/30/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Response to State of the Union Address 1/29/14 Boehner Invites 8th District Students to Participate in First Annual Congressional STEM Competition 1/27/14 House Republican Leaders Celebrate School Choice Week 1/27/14 Unemployment 1/01/14 Issue Position: Education Reform 1/01/14 Issue Position: On the Issues 9/17/13 Letter to Eric Holder, Attorney General - Louisiana School Choice 7/28/13 Boehner Column: The House Remains Focused on Jobs 7/25/13 Boehner Discusses GOP Plan for Jobs, Dems Finally Acting on Student Loans, & the Need to Fix Our Broken Immigration System 7/09/13 BET - Lawmakers Play Blame Game on Student Loan Interest Rates 7/08/13 At US Capitol Rally, GOP Leaders & Students Keep Heat on Dems to Act on Student Loans 6/28/13 Senate Democrats Leave Town, Double Interest Rates for Students 6/18/13 Congressman Boehner: Senate Dems Playing Political Games, Allowing Student Loan Rates to Double 6/07/13 Boehner Column: House Student Loan Fix Will Strengthen the Economy & Help Make Life Work 5/31/13 Boehner: Students Deserve Better than President Obama's Politics 5/23/13 House Passes Smarter Solutions for Students Act 5/21/13 Holding Government Accountable 6/29/12 House Passes Bill to Reform Infrastructure Spending, Stop Student Loan Rates from Doubling 6/14/12 Appropriations Committee Rejects D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Funding

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