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10/22/15 Boehner: Defense Veto Must Not Stand 10/21/15 "Special Report with Bret Baier" - Transcript: Boehner on the Benghazi Committee and the Administration's Stonewalling 10/20/15 Speaker Boehner Signs National Defense Authorization Act 10/15/15 Speaker Boehner: Status Quo is No Plan for Success in Afghanistan 10/07/15 Will President Obama Abandon Troops, Endanger America's National Security? 10/01/15 House Passes Bipartisan Defense Bill to Keep America Safe, Provide the Resources Our Troops Need 9/23/15 Reality Check: Pres. Obama's Failed Foreign Policy is Fueling Syria Disaster 8/08/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on the Fight Against ISIL 7/16/15 "This Is a Bad Deal": Boehner Says Obama Administration Agreement Paves the Way to a Nuclear Iran 7/13/15 Rep. Curbelo on Appointment to NDAA Conference Committee 7/10/15 Congressman Russell Joins House-Senate NDAA Conference 5/19/15 Wall Street Journal: U.S. Rethinks Strategy to Battle Islamic State After Setback in Ramadi 5/15/15 A Strong National Defense Bill 5/14/15 Boehner on Defense Bill: This Vote Is About Supporting Our Troops 5/13/15 Three Bills to Help Keep Americans Safe 5/13/15 Providing Our Intelligence Community the Tools It Needs to Protect Americans 4/23/15 Los Angeles Times - Death of 2 Western Hostages Won't End U.S. Drone Strikes 2/17/15 Daily News - Rep. Peter King wants Obama to "Put the Fear of God in' ISIS with a Stronger War Authorization 2/12/15 Boehner on AUMF: Give Our Commanders Flexibility to Defeat ISIL 2/11/15 Speaker Boehner on the President's Request for an Authorization for the Use of Military Force 2/10/15 Boehner: Our Efforts to Defeat ISIL Must Be Redoubled 1/08/15 President Turns His Back on People's Priorities with Veto Threat on Bipartisan Jobs Bills 12/19/14 President Signs Defense Authorization Bill Barring Terrorists from U.S. Soil 12/04/14 House Passes Bipartisan, Bicameral Defense Authorization Agreement 12/04/14 Boehner: More Robust Strategy Needed to Defeat ISIL 11/24/14 Speaker Boehner on Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel 9/30/14 Boehner Statement on Bilateral Security Agreement with Afghanistan 9/26/14 Boehner to President Obama: Don't Back Down on Iran 9/23/14 Speaker Boehner Statement on Airstrikes in Syria 9/17/14 Boehner: House Takes 'Important, Initial Step Forward in Taking on ISIL' 9/16/14 Los Angeles Times - Many in Congress Not Sold on Obama's Islamic State Strategy 9/12/14 Boehner Responds to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Pledges U.S. Support for Iraqi Government 9/11/14 Boehner: House Is Ready to Work with President on Plan to Destroy ISIL, But White House Must Address Strategy Questions 9/10/14 Boehner: Destroying This Terrorist Threat Requires Decisive Action 9/09/14 Boehner: House Opposes Administration's Unlawful Release of Terrorists 9/09/14 Boehner: President Must Present Strategy to Destroy ISIS 8/22/14 Boehner: GAO Confirms Obama Administration Ignored the Law on 'Taliban Five' 8/08/14 Speaker Boehner on U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq 8/05/14 Boehner Statement on Incident in Afghanistan 5/27/14 Boehner Statement on Afghanistan Troop Level Announcement 5/22/14 Boehner Statement on House Passage of National Defense Authorization Act 9/19/13 Boehner: Fight to Defund ObamaCare Moving to Senate - Where It Belongs 6/14/13 Boehner Praises House Passage of Bipartisan Bill Supporting Our Troops & Their Families 5/22/13 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - IRS Targeting and Benghazi 5/21/13 Holding Government Accountable 3/03/13 NBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript - Sequester and Gun Control 2/20/13 Boehner Statement on Pentagon Letter Outlining Consequences of President Obama's Sequester 2/08/13 Pompeo Named to House Intelligence Committee 12/22/12 Weekly Republican Address: Speaker Boehner on Averting the Fiscal Cliff 10/02/12 Congressman Boehner: Obama Administration's Purchase of Thomson Prison a Backdoor Move to Import Terrorists Into America

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