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10/23/15 Boehner Appoints GOP Members to New Select Investigative Panel 10/07/15 House Establishes Select Panel to Investigate Abortion Practices 9/30/15 House Takes Next Steps to Protect Unborn Children & Sanctity of Life 9/29/15 House Passes Strong Pro-Life Measure to Empower States, Protect Taxpayers 9/22/15 Speaker Boehner on Senate Democrats' Extreme Support for Late-Term Abortions 9/18/15 Speaker Boehner: "Those Who Deny the Weakest Among Us the Right to Life Are on the Wrong Side of History' 9/17/15 Boehner Discusses House Action to Fight Horrific Abortion Practices 9/17/15 Speaker Boehner: President Obama's Blind Support for Abortion Business is Indefensible 7/16/15 WIBW - Calls for Hearings Following Undercover Planned Parenthood Video 1/22/15 Why I Am Pro-Life 9/16/14 Boehner: GAO Report Confirms Taxpayers Fund Abortions Through ObamaCare 9/16/14 Nonpartisan, Independent Watchdog Demonstrates Obamacare Uses Taxpayer Dollars for Abortion Coverage 1/23/14 Speaker Boehner Delivers Opening Remarks at the 39th March for Life 6/18/13 The Washington Post - The House Abortion Bill Likely Won't Make it Into Law. But It Still Matters. 5/13/13 Congressman Boehner: Praying for the Lives Taken by Kermit Gosnell 1/25/13 Protecting Life Is "A Defining Human Rights Issue of Our Time" 1/22/13 Boehner Marks 40th Anniversary of Tragic Roe v. Wade Decision 1/23/12 Congressman Boehner Delivers Opening Remarks at the 39th March for Life 1/18/12 Congressman Boehner to Make Opening Remarks at the 39th March for Life 1/24/11 Boehner Thanks March for Life Participants 12/09/10 Boehner: Ohio Court Decision Upholds the Law, Respects the Sanctity of Life 7/19/10 Letter to Ted Strickland, Governor of Ohio - High-Risk Pool Health Plans 7/13/10 Boehner Statement on Obama Administration's Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in Pennsylvania 6/22/10 Health Care Reform Should Protect Life, Not End It 6/10/10 Boehner Asks President Obama for Progress Report on Implementation of Executive Order on Taxpayer-Funded Abortion 6/02/10 As More Americans Identify as Pro-Life, ObamaCare Provides Taxpayer Funding for Abortion 4/05/10 No Shame: Expanded Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion Industry Tucked Away Inside Dems' New Health Care Law 3/24/10 Behind Closed Doors: President Signs Phony Order On Abortion 3/21/10 House Democrats Vote To Allow Taxpayer-Funded Abortion 3/21/10 Boehner: "Pro-Life" Democrats Can't Hide Behind An Executive Order 3/19/10 Ten Facts Every American Should Know About Democrats' Final Government Takeover of Health Care 2/22/10 President Obama's Government-Run Health Plan Still Requires A Monthly Abortion Fee 1/22/10 Boehner Marks 37th Anniversary Of Tragic Roe v. Wade Decision And Welcomes March For Life Participants 1/21/10 March For Life 11/10/09 Don't Scrap The Stupak-Pitts Pro-Life Amendment -- Scrap The Whole Bill And Start Over 11/07/09 Democratic Chairmen Won't Guarantee They'll Support Keeping Pro-Life Language In Final Health Care Bill 11/07/09 Affordable Health Care For America Act 7/23/09 Op-Ed: Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Is Not Health Care Reform 10/23/08 Boehner, Other Pro-Life House GOP Reps Back Ohio Efforts to Stop Abuse of Deadly RU-486 Abortion Drug 2/07/08 U.S. Taxpayers Should Not Fund Abortions Overseas 1/22/08 Boehner Welcomes Participants in the March for Life 6/21/07 Boehner Statement on Democrats Forcing Taxpayers to Subsidize Abortions in Foreign Countries 9/21/06 Legislative Program 7/18/06 Boehner Statement on Fetal Farming, Alternative Stem Cell Bills 6/27/06 Boehner, House GOP Leaders Launch American Values Agenda

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