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Office: U.S. House (NY) - District 2, Republican
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2/16/16 Newsday - Schumer, King, NYPD Critical of Obama Cuts to Anti-terror Funding 6/25/15 Politico Magazine - Congress at War: The Capitol Hill Ranks on Why They Enlisted and What It Means Now 6/08/15 Washington Examiner - Rep. King Calls Rand Paul's NSA Filibuster 'Shameful and Disgusting' 5/21/15 New York Daily News - Georgia Congressman Apologizes for Disparaging Comment About NYC, Chicago 5/21/15 Buzzfeed - Rep. Peter King: Georgia Republican "Just Wrong" To Say New York Less Safe Than Israel 5/20/15 Newsmax - Peter King: Paul Marathon 'Putting Our National Security at Risk' 5/16/15 Long Island Press - Long Island Reps Back Bill to End NSA Bulk Collection 5/10/15 New York Daily News - Report: Jets Among NFL Teams Paid to Salute Soldiers During Home Games 3/03/15 Associated Press - Congress Sends Homeland Bill to Obama without Conditions 3/01/15 House Republican keeps up attack on 'delusional' conservatives 2/26/15 Daily News - Brooklyn Terror Suspects Show it's Insane to Not Approve Money for Homeland Security 2/25/15 Rep. Peter King Sponsors Bill Giving Commuter Tax Breaks 2/18/15 Congressmen Propose Tax Deduction Extension for Donations to Families of Slain NYPD Cops 2/17/15 Daily News - Rep. Peter King wants Obama to "Put the Fear of God in' ISIS with a Stronger War Authorization 2/10/15 The Washington Times - King Calls His 2011 House Hearings on Islam Justified 2/03/15 Newsmax - Rep. Peter King to Newsmax: Pilot's Torching by ISIS Is 'Savagery' 1/30/15 Newsmax - Rep. Peter King: WH Ups Danger by Denying Taliban a Terror Group 1/11/15 New York Daily News - Lupica: America Betrays its Values by Not Sending Top U.S. Officials to Paris Unity Rally 1/08/15 U.S Intelligence will Check Intercepted Communications for Clues that Charlie Hebdo Attack was Imminent 1/07/15 New York Daily News - Paris Slaughter Vindicates Surveillance of City's Muslims, Rep. Pete King Says 12/14/14 Newsday - Peter King Calls Senate Report on Torture 'Terrible Injustice' to CIA 12/02/14 Politico - Jeh Johnson Clashes With Hill GOP on Immigration 11/25/14 Newsday - Ferguson Grand Jury Decision not to Indict Officer in Michael Brown Shooting Death Disappoints NYC Protesters 11/18/14 CBS New York - "Grubergate' Videos Have Republicans Screaming For Repealing Of Obamacare 11/18/14 Politico - The Terrorism Safety Net 9/27/14 LI Herald - Seaford's Peter King Faces Pair for House Seat 9/22/14 Daily News - Rep. Peter King Blasts Security Lapses at White House Entrance, Demands Investigation 9/10/14 Obama Authorizes Air Strikes Inside Syria, Dispatches Nearly 500 Military Advisers to Iraq in Campaign to Destroy ISIS 9/03/14 The Hill - "We Have to Stop Russia,' Says Rep. Peter King 9/02/14 New York Daily News - Lupica: Time for Strategy From Obama on How to Deal with ISIS Scourge 8/29/14 Newsmax - Rep. Peter King: No Excuse for Obama Admitting No ISIS Strategy 8/26/14 New York Politicians Run for Cover When Israeli Town Comes Under Hamas Rocket Fire 8/20/14 Pete King: Beheading Was "Declaration of War' 8/12/14 Peter King: ISIL 'More Powerful than Al Qaeda on 9/11' 8/08/14 CBS New York - Rep. King: Airstrikes In Iraq Are "Essential' To Stop ISIS 7/18/14 Politico - Peter King to Barack Obama: 'More Leadership' 7/17/14 Newsday - LIRR Stirke Averted as Tenative Deal Reached 7/16/14 Newsmax - Peter King: Harry Reid's Denial of 'Broken' Border Hampers Reform 7/14/14 Newsday - Amityville Fire Department to Buy Breathing Equipment with Grant Money 7/09/14 Associated Press - Reps: Don't Count on Congress to End LIRR Dispute 7/09/14 Newsday - No Deal for LIRR Unions; MTA to Seek Congress' Help 6/18/14 The Washington Post- Abu Khattala's Capture is an I-Told-You-So- Moment for Obama. But it Could be Short-Lived. 6/13/14 Newsday- Lawmakers: Northport VA Wait-Time Discrepancies Should Be Explained 6/06/14 Daily News- GOP Says President Obama Has Given Iran Reason to Mock U.S. 6/06/14 Daily News- On 70th Anniversary of D-Day, a Pall is Drawn Over Ceremony for World War II Heroes After Sgt. Bergdahl Debacle 3/27/14 Newsday - NYC Faces Federal Cuts for Nuclear Detection 2/21/14 Pete King Wants a "More Sustained Policy' Against Russia 1/28/14 Daily News: King - Russians Helped Make Olympics "Dangerous 11/25/13 Daily News - Frustration over 9/11 victims fund grows as ailing responders grapple with slow payouts 11/25/13 New York Post - Politicians Cross the Aisle to Condemn Obama's Iran Deal

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