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5/25/05 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006 5/20/05 Rep. Andrews Hosts "Q" and "A" Visit with Biology Students at Camden County College 5/18/05 Rep. Andrews Votes to Restore Necessary Bipartisan Ethical Rules 5/17/05 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2006 5/05/05 Holocaust Remembrance Day 5/02/05 NJ Jewish War Veterans Present Rep. Andrews With Legislator of the Year Award 4/29/05 Rep. Andrews Reintroduces Korean Immigration Commemorative Coin Act 4/26/05 Expressing Sense of Congress Regarding the Two-Year Anniversary of the Human Rights Crackdown in Cuba 4/26/05 90th Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide 4/21/05 Energy Policy Act of 2005 4/15/05 Calling for the Release of Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, A Political Prisoner in Cuba 4/15/05 Recognizing the People of Lebanon 4/15/05 Rep. Andrews Applauds Department of Defense's Action to Establish Criteria for the Afghanistan and Iraq Campaign Medals 4/14/05 Rep. Andrews Requests Army to Discard Flawed Plan to Dispose VX Byproduct in Delaware River 4/12/05 Rep. Andrews Attends Ribbon Cutting to Mark Grand Opening of New Family Service Facility in Burlington County 4/11/05 Rep. Andrews Co-Sponsors Bipartisan Bill to Protect the Delaware River from Future Oil Spills 4/06/05 Rep. Andrews Urges Strong Stance Against North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program 4/04/05 Rep. Andrews Co-Sponsors Legislation to Hold Current Regime Accountable in Iran 4/01/05 Rep Andrews Addresses NJ Fraternal Order of Police 3/20/05 For the Relief of the Parents of Theresa Marie Schiavo 3/16/05 Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users - 2 3/16/05 Rep. Andrews Fights for Just Funding for South Jersey Veterans: Opposes President's Proposed VA Budget 3/10/05 Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users - 1 3/10/05 Rep. Andrews Works to Resolve National Park Residential Flooding Problem 3/09/05 Job Training Improvement Act of 2005 - 3 3/02/05 Job Training Improvement Act of 2005 - 2 3/02/05 Job Training Improvement Act of 2005 - 1 3/01/05 In Recognition of the Recent United States-Japan Joint Statement on Taiwan 3/01/05 Hearing of House Committee on Education and the Workforce:Enforcement of Federal Anti-Fraud Laws in for-Profit Education 2/15/05 Hearing of House Subcommittee on Education Reform: H.R. 366, the Vocational and Technical Education for the Future Act 1/06/05 Expressing Sorrow of the House at the Death of the Honorable Robert T. Matsui, Member of Congress from the State of California 12/06/04 Tribute to Hardenbergh Insurance Agency 11/20/04 Tribute to Chaplain (Major) Floyd L. White III 11/20/04 Praising the Government of Cyprus 10/25/04 106 Members of Congress Urge More Money For Toxic Waste Cleanups 10/11/04 In Recognition of the Gloucester City Open Access Learning Center, and Its Participants 10/08/04 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act 10/07/04 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act 10/07/04 Conference Report on H.R. 4520, American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 10/06/04 Improvements to Employment Verification System Under Immigration and Nationality Act 10/05/04 Universal National Service Act of 2003 9/30/04 Panel One of a Hearing of the Infrastructure and Border Security Subcommittee of the House Select Homeland Security Committee - Safeguarding... 9/30/04 Homeland Security Funding Formula Change Would Make New Jersey Safer 9/30/04 Support of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee 9/30/04 9/11 Caucus Members, 9/11 Commission, 9/11 Families Unite in Call for Up or Down Vote on Bipartisan Legislation to Implement 9/11 Commission... 9/28/04 Over Fifty Members of Congress Urge Appropriators to Fund Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program 9/28/04 Tribute to Daniel Craig Myers 9/24/04 Letter to Mr. Glenn Tilton, Chair of United Airlines 9/23/04 Conference Report on H.R. 1308, Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004 9/22/04 In Recognition of Judith Berstein-Baker, A 2004 Recipient of the Mary Philbrook Public Interest Award

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