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12/11/13 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State - Vietnam Human Rights Abuses 7/18/13 Congressman Dan Kildee Urges U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to Act Swiftly on the Release of Former Marine and Flint Native Held Captive in Iran 7/11/13 Letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel - Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) 6/11/13 Regarding American Leadership in the Balkans 3/14/13 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Concerns About Japan's Possible Entry to the Trans-Pacific Partnership 8/01/12 Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 7/17/12 The Effects of Incarceration on the Mental and Physical Health of Former President Chen Shui-Bian of Taiwan 4/16/12 In Commemoration of the 33rd Anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act -- Hon. Robert E. Andrews 2/29/12 Condemning Iran for Its Persecution of Youcef Nadarkhani 11/04/11 The Threat of a Nuclear Armed Iran 10/07/11 The Courier Post - We've Battered Al-Qaida; It's Time to Come Home 9/27/11 Letter to Mr. Antonio Brufau Niubó, Chairman Repsol 9/22/11 Continuing Appropriations Act, 2012 7/21/11 Now Is The Time To Put Aside Politics And Ceate Jobs Our People So Desperately Need 7/19/11 Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011 6/03/11 Providing for Consideration of H. Res. 292, Regarding Deployment of United States Armed Forces in Libya, and Providing for Consideration of H. Con. Res. 51, Libya War Powers Resolution 5/25/11 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 6/22/10 Support for Israel 1/12/10 Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act Of 2009 5/13/09 Hearing Of The House Armed Services Committee - Department Of Defense Budget Request For Fiscal Year 2010 3/25/09 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Cuba 12/03/08 Letter to Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank 7/22/08 Recognizing the 34th Commemoration of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus 12/05/07 Appointment of Conferees on H.R. 1585, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 10/02/07 Condemning the Persecution of Labor Rights Advocates in Iran 9/14/07 Rep. Andrews Reacts to General Petraeus' Testimony on Iraq 8/23/07 Rep. Andrews Responds to the President's Remarks about Iraq 8/17/07 Rep Andrews Backs Plan to Support our Troops, Improve Military Readiness 7/25/07 Letter to Robert Zoellick, Office of International Affairs, Department of the Treasury 7/20/07 Rep. Andrews Votes To Change Direction In Iraq: House Backs Measure to Responsibly Redeploy American Troops 7/18/07 Rep. Andrew Supports Legislation To Ease Passport Backlog 7/12/07 Responsible Redeployment From Iraq Act 6/26/07 The Department Of State, Foreign Operations And Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2008 6/21/07 The Department Of State, Foreign Operations And Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2008 5/16/07 House Passes Iraq Bill to Require Accountability and Bring Troops Home 3/21/07 Rep. Andrews Backs Plan to Redeploy U.S. Troops in Iraq 3/20/07 Wexler and 246 Members of Congress Urge EU Not to Provide Aid to New Palestinian Government 2/14/07 Iraw War Resolution 2/08/07 Iran 1/31/07 Rep. Andrews Responds to State of the Union 1/17/07 Rep. Andrews Opposes Escalation of War, Named to House Panel that will Investigate Iraq 12/13/06 Iraq Study Group Does Not Go Far Enough with Solutions 11/28/06 Iraq Policy Speech - As Prepared by Congressman Rob Andrews (D-NJ) to the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group 10/27/06 Press Release - It is Time to Turn Iraq's Security Over to Iraqis 10/25/06 Washington Updates (Money to Iraq is Important, but Smart Policy Should Follow) 10/11/06 Washington Updates (U.S. Should Push for North Korean Sanctions in Wake of Nuclear Test) 9/26/06 Washington Updates (Rep. Andrews Speaks Out on Iran's Nuclear Program) 9/08/06 Letter to The UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan 8/28/06 Iran's Defiance Demands Strong Action By International Community 8/22/06 Rep Andrews Earns Top Grade From Human Rights Group For Effort To End Darfur Genocide

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