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John Dingell's Public Statements

Date Title
March 2, 2006 Dingell Statement on the Latest Canadian Trash Spill
Feb. 20, 2006 Congressman Dingell on President Bush's Visit to Michigan
Feb. 15, 2006 Committee Identifies Private Phone Record Brokers; Demands Data, Trade Practices
Feb. 15, 2006 Hearing of Committee on Energy and Commerce - "The Administration's FY '07
Feb. 13, 2006 Dingell Statement on Becoming the Second Longest Serving House Member in US History
Feb. 10, 2006 Bush Aide Slams US Auto Industry... Again
Feb. 8, 2006 Patients Before Profits Act of 2006
Feb. 8, 2006 Clinton and Dingell Introduce Legislation to Roll Back Bush Giveaway to Insurance Companies
Feb. 6, 2006 Dingell Says Bush Budget is an Attack on Dreams of the Young and Ignores the Reality Facing Working Families
Feb. 6, 2006 Dingell Urges Auto Industry to Push Bush, Republican Congress for Level Playing Field
Feb. 3, 2006 Dingell Named "Wildlife Hero"
Feb. 3, 2006 Rep. Tierney Spearheads Effort For C.O.P.S. Funding in FY 2007 Budget
Feb. 1, 2006 Statement of the Honorable John D. Dingell on tbe Budget Reconciliation Conference Report
Feb. 1, 2006 The Medicare Prescription Drug Emergency Guarantee Act
Feb. 1, 2006 Relating to Consideration of S. 1932, Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
Jan. 31, 2006 Statement of the Honorable John D. Dingell on President Bush's State of the Union Address
Jan. 26, 2006 Dems to Hastert: Must Reimburse States for Medicare Expense
Jan. 26, 2006 GAO Finds EPA'S Lead and Copper Rule Inadequate, May Undermine Public Health Protection
Jan. 24, 2006 Markey Releases Lawmakers' Inquiry into Phone Record Sales with Federal Communications Agency
Jan. 24, 2006 Clinton and Dingell Announce Legislation to Rescind Republican Giveaway to Insurance Companies
Jan. 17, 2006 Members of Congress Call for Investigation into Detroit Metro Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Black Mold Remediation Effort
Jan. 11, 2006 Department of Justice and Department of Defense Respond to Congressional Request for Investigation of Alleged NSA Espionage
Dec. 27, 2005 Dingell Chastises Republican Congress for Failing to Pass Trash Bill before the End of the Year
Dec. 18, 2005 Conference Report on S. 1932, Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
Dec. 17, 2005 State High Risk Pool Funding Extension Act of 2005
Dec. 17, 2005 Mental Health Benefits Parity Extension
Dec. 17, 2005 Proficiency Testing Improvment Act of 2005
Dec. 16, 2005 Appointment of Conferees on S. 1932, Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
Dec. 16, 2005 Victory in Iraq Resolution
Dec. 16, 2005 Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005
Dec. 15, 2005 Markup of H.R. 4167, The "National Uniformity for Food Act of 2005," H.R. 4127, The "Data Accountability and Trust Act (DATA)," and H.R. 3699...
Dec. 15, 2005 MSNBC Countdown - Transcript
Dec. 15, 2005 De-constructing the Glass Ceiling: Proposal Would Establish New Center to Improve the Status of Women in the Workplace
Dec. 14, 2005 Expressing Sense of the House that Symbols and Traditions of Christmas Should be Protected
Dec. 14, 2005 Providing That Hamas and Other Terrorist Organizations Should not Participate in Elections Held by Palestinian Authority
Dec. 14, 2005 Dingell Calls for a Change of Course in Iraq
Dec. 14, 2005 Conference Report on H.R. 3199, USA Patriot Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005
Dec. 13, 2005 Michigan Delegation Joins Together to Send Strong Message to U.S. Negotiators on Auto-related Issues at WTO
Dec. 13, 2005 Expressing Thanks to Fellow Members for Their Remarks
Dec. 13, 2005 Dingell Thanks Friends and Colleagues for Kind Thoughts on 50th Anniversary in US House
Dec. 11, 2005 Dingell Participates in Auto Industry E-Hearing
Dec. 8, 2005 Superfund Turns 25 Lack of Funding Has Slowed Progress in Recent Years
Dec. 7, 2005 Dingell Blasts EPA for Failure to Fund Great Lakes Restoration
Dec. 6, 2005 Ascension Health CEO Council Meeting
Nov. 21, 2005 Cox to Dingell: Upgrading Penalty Collections and Returning More Money to Investors a Top Priority
Nov. 17, 2005 Subcommittee on Health Hearing on "Medicare Physician Payment: How to Build a More Effective Payment System"
Nov. 16, 2005 Subcommittee on Environment and Hazardous Materials Hearings Entitled "Superfund Laws and Animal Agriculture"
Nov. 15, 2005 Committee on Energy and Commerce Markup to Consider H.R. 3889, The "Methamphetamine Epidemic Elimination Act"
Nov. 15, 2005 Report Shows Laws Broken in Attempt to Politicize Public Broadcasting
Nov. 10, 2005 Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Hearing Entitled "Right to Repair: Industry Discussions and Legislative Opinions"
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