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11/09/17 Letter to the Hon. Elaine C. Duke, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security - Reverse Administration Decision to Expose Thousands to Dangerous Deportations 10/30/17 Letter to Brock Long, FEMA Administrator and General Todd Semonite, Commanding General and Chief of Engineers - Senators Urge Administration to Expedite Infrastructure Repairs for Safety and Health for Those in Puerto Rico, Us Virgin Islands 10/27/17 Letter to the Hon. Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Hon. William Long, Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, Commanding General and Chief of Engineers - Senator Harris, EPW Colleagues Request Update on Waste Cleanup in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands 10/27/17 Rep. Lieu and Sen. Markey Introduce Bill to Establish Program Encouraging Higher Cybersecurity Standards for Businesses and Consumers 10/26/17 Letter to the Hon. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General and the Hon. Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State - Grassley Leads Call for Administration to Protect American Victims of International Terrorism 10/24/17 Senator Markey Calls for Senate Action to Prevent Flow of Illicit Fentanyl Across the Border After House Passage of INTERDICT Act 10/24/17 Markey on Puerto Rico Relief Package: Additional Funding Will Be Needed to Put Island on the Path to Long-term Recovery 10/20/17 Letter to the Hon. John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Hon. Jack Reed, Ranking Member, the Hon. Mac Thornberry, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, The Hon. Adam Smith, Ranking Member - Buy American Requirements 10/19/17 Letter to the Hon. Elaine C. Duke, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security - Accuracy of the Fatality Count in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria 10/13/17 Senator Markey Calls for Support for Iran Nuclear Agreement 10/10/17 Letter to President Donald J. Trump - Sustained American Diplomatic Campaign to Defuse Current Korean Crisis 10/06/17 Letter to the Hon. Don J. Wright, Acting Secretary HHS - Public Health Crisis in Puerto Rico, Urge Health Dept. to Take Action 10/06/17 Letter to Mr. Jose B. Carrion - Suspension of Puerto Rico's Austerity Fiscal Plan in Hurricanes' Aftermath 10/04/17 Senator Markey Aviation Safety and Security Amendments Included in Senate TSA Modernization Legislation 10/03/17 Letter to President Donald Trump - Step Up Disaster Relief Efforts for Puerto Rican Islands of Vieques and Culebra 9/28/17 Letter to the President - Humanitarian Assistance for Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands 9/27/17 Letter to President Trump - Support Relief Efforts for Puerto Rico 9/26/17 Letter to the Hon. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, and the Hon. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House - Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Need Congressional Help Now 9/26/17 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 - Motion to Proceed - Continued 9/25/17 Letter to the Hon. Elaine Duke, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security - Senators Call for Extension of DACA Renewal Deadline in Wake of Storms 9/19/17 Letter to the Hon. Maureen K. Ohlhausen - Review of Consumer Data Protection at Top Consumer Reporting Agencies 9/14/17 In Wake of Equifax Data Breach, Senators Markey, Blumenthal, Whitehouse and Franken Introduce Legislation to Hold Data Broker Industry Accountable 9/14/17 Executive Session 9/12/17 Letter to President Donald J. Trump - Harvey and Irma Hurricane Rebuilding Efforts to Incorporate Best Practices to Address Climate Change Impacts 9/12/17 Congress Approves Bipartisan, Bicameral Resolution Condemning White Nationalists, Neo Nazis, KKK and Other Hate Groups 9/11/17 On Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attack, Senator Markey and Reps. Joyce and Lipinski Introduce Bipartisan, Bicameral Legislation to Ban Small Knives on Planes 7/10/17 Letter to the Honorable James N. Mattis, Secretary of Defense, the Honorable John F. Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security, the Honorable Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy, the Honorable Kristine L. Svinicki, Chairman of Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Honorable Andrew G. McCabe, Acting Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation - Cybersecurity of US Nuclear Power Plants 7/07/17 Letter to Vice President Mike Pence and Kris Kobach, Vice Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity - Senators Demand Presidential Advisory Commission Rescind Request for State Election Officials' Voter Roll Data 6/29/17 Markey, Hatch, Eshoo, Brooks Introduce Legislation to Thwart Cyber Hacks 6/29/17 Eshoo, Hatch, Markey, Brooks Introduce Legislation to Thwart Cyber Hacks 6/29/17 Letter to the Honorable Rex W. Tillerson, Secretary of State, the Honorable Jefferson Sessions, United States Attorney General, and the Honorable John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security - US Refugee Admissions Program 6/22/17 Letter to the Hon. Donald Trump, President of the United States - Act on Russian Cyber Intrusions to U.S. Energy Infrastructure 6/07/17 Senate Democrats Release New Compilation of Over 100 Oversight Letters President Trump Refuses to Answer 5/31/17 Letter to the Hon. John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security - Impact of Airline Baggage Fees on Aviation Security 5/24/17 Letter to the President Donald Trump - Paris Climate Agreement 5/22/17 Senator Markey Statement on DHS Decision to Extend Temporary Protected Status to Haitians 5/19/17 Letter to the Hon. John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security - Extension of TPS for Eligible Haitians is the Only Humane Decision 5/17/17 Letter to the Hon. Michael E Horowitz, Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice - Call for Investigation into Attorney General Jeff Sessions 5/16/17 Senator Markey Criticizes President Trump for Revealing Highly Classified Intelligence to Russia 5/12/17 Sens. Warren, Markey, and Reps. Neal, Capuano, Keating, and Moulton Announce Nearly $900k in Grants to Massachusetts Fire Departments 4/26/17 Letter to the Hon. Mike Enzi, Chairman of the Committee on the Budget, the Hon. Bernard Sanders, Ranking Member, the Hon. Thad Cochran, Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations, the Hon. Patrick Leahy, Ranking Member - International Affairs Budget 4/21/17 Letter to President Trump - Appoint Leader of Office of Science and Technology Policy 4/18/17 Senator Markey Blasts NRC for Granting Exemptions to Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station from Critical Safety Upgrades 4/07/17 Letter to the Honorable John F. Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security - Funding for National Security Programs in FY18 Budget Blueprint and FY17 Supplemental Appropriations Request 4/06/17 Letter to the Hon. John Kelly, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security - Don't Cut Security Programs That Keep Us Safe 3/31/17 Members of Massachusetts Delegation, Gov. Baker, Massachusetts Military Asset and Security Strategy Task Force Meet with Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein 3/23/17 Letter to Secretary Tillerson - Calling for Urgent Diplomatic Campaign to Prevent Millions from Starving to Death 3/22/17 Senator Markey and Blumenthal Reintroduce Legislation to Improve Cybersecurity of Vehicles and Airplanes 3/20/17 Letter to President Donald Trump - Senators Urge Continued U.S. Support for Unity, Stability in Iraq 3/17/17 Senator Markey Expresses Concern about Tillerson Saber-Rattling on North Korea

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