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Office: U.S. House (MD) - District 5, Democratic Minority Whip
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1/19/18 Tweet - "Dems want to enact agreement on things that both parties already agree on: funding govt; action to #protectDREAMers; reauthorizing #CHIP; providing disaster relief. @HouseGOP: don't shut down govt; sit down at the table & let's move this country forward." 1/19/18 Hoyer Remarks at Press Conference with House Democrats in Opposition to a GOP Shutdown 1/19/18 Tweet - "Republicans have control of the House, Senate, and White House. It is their responsibility to fund government, but even members of their own party are frustrated by their lack of leadership." 1/19/18 Tweet - "Dems want to enact agreement on things that both parties already agree on: funding govt; action to #protectDREAMers; reauthorizing #CHIP; providing disaster relief. @HouseGOP: don't shut down govt; sit down at the table & let's move this country forward." 1/19/18 Hoyer Discusses the Need for the GOP to Work with Democrats to Address Americans' Priorities on CNN 1/19/18 Hoyer Discusses Government Funding on Fox 5 DC 1/19/18 Tweet - "Republicans' refusal to work with Democrats could lead to another #GOPshutdown. Last time, their shutdown cost our economy $1.5 billion per day. RT to call on Republicans to work with Democrats to address our nation's priorities." 1/19/18 Tweet - "The bill passed by @HouseGOP last night is further proof of their inability to govern. It's time for them to work with Democrats to responsibly fund government, #ProtectDREAMers, address health programs, & provide disaster relief. RT to tell GOP #DoYourJob." 1/19/18 Tweet - "With the government on the verge of a #GOPshutdown, Republicans are bringing a partisan bill to undermine women's health to the Floor. Instead, they should be working with Dems to reach agreement to responsibly fund govt & address our nation's priorities." 1/18/18 Hoyer Statement on Passage of a Fourth Continuing Resolution 1/18/18 Hoyer Discusses the Republicans' Inability to Govern and Address Americans' Priorities on CNN 1/18/18 Tweet - "Today, @HouseGOP is bringing their 4th short-term funding bill to the Floor instead of working w Dems to responsibly fund govt. We've given the GOP 4 opportunities to work w us to reach agreement yet they are kicking the can down the road once again." 1/18/18 Hoyer Discusses the Republicans' Failure to Address Americans' Priorities on MSNBC 1/18/18 Tweet - "Pleased to sit down with #DREAMers from @nakasec & discuss the urgent need for a legislative solution to #protectDREAMers so they can remain in the U.S. & continue to contribute to our nation's future." 1/18/18 Hoyer Statement on Introduction of Resolution Censuring Trump 1/18/18 Tweet - "The GOP has had months to work with Dems on a budget agreement. Instead of compromising, they are bringing another short-term funding bill to the Floor, which Dems will oppose. If they want to pass it, they can do it with own their votes. Watch my @MeetThePress Daily interview:" 1/18/18 Tweet - "We are 4 months into the fiscal year & GOP is bringing their 4th short-term funding bill to the Floor. Americans are right to be frustrated by the inability of GOP to do its job. @HouseGOP should come to the table & work with Democrats to responsibly fund our nation's priorities." 1/18/18 Tweet - "Proud to co-sponsor the #CensureResolution introduced today by @RepRichmond & @RepJerryNadler to censure @realDonaldTrump for the racist comments he made at a meeting on immigration. These comments are disgraceful & damaging to our standing in the world." 1/18/18 Tweet - ".@HouseGOP ought to work with Dems to adhere to the principle of parity for the 2018 budget deal. Take a look at what House GOP are putting at risk by not being willing to work with Dems to responsibly fund our nation's defense & non-defense priorities:" 1/17/18 Tweet - "Honored to meet w/ MD #DREAMers today & hear their stories. DREAMers are students, medical professionals, teachers & other members of the community who make real contributions to our nation. I won't stop working until Congress acts to #protectDREAMers." 1/17/18 Tweet - "Today, I testified before @RulesReps and discussed my support for bringing back Congressional earmarks with the reforms that Democrats made when we were in the majority to increase transparency and accountability. Watch my full testimony here:" 1/17/18 Hoyer Meets with Maryland Dreamers and CASA 1/17/18 Tweet - "America is strengthened by our diverse immigrant populations. Democrats remain committed to a permanent legislative solution to #ProtectDREAMers & ensure our nation continues to #ValueOurFamilies." 1/17/18 Hearing of the House Rules Committee - Testimony of Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, Congressional Earmarks 1/16/18 Tweet - "When speaking with reporters today, I said GOP is looking to kick the can down the road again with another short-term bill to fund govt. We must agree on a budget deal that adheres to parity as we always have." 1/16/18 Tweet - "Taking action to #protectDREAMers isn't just the moral thing to do -- it would also benefit the economy. RT if you agree Congress must pass a permanent legislative solution to allow #DREAMers to remain here and continue contributing to our nation." 1/16/18 Tweet - "I enjoyed discussing House Dems' #MakeItInAmerica economic agenda with @ExpandPGC in Largo this morning. While we've made significant progress since the recession, we must confront new economic challenges & work to ensure no American is left behind. 1/2" 1/16/18 Tweet - "I also told press today that Democrats will not be held hostage to bad policies & inaction on legislation by Republicans. They have majorities in the House, Senate, White House & are responsible for keeping the government open." 1/16/18 Hoyer Statement on Trump Administration's Misleading Immigration "Report" 1/16/18 Tweet - "It is deeply disappointing to see the uninsured rate jump by over 3 million people in 2017. @POTUS & Congressional GOP took every step possible to sabotage the #ACA, driving consumers away & leading insurers to reduce coverage options in the marketplaces." 1/16/18 Hoyer Statement on the Increase of Americans Without Health Insurance Under the Trump Administration 1/16/18 Tweet - "I also told reporters that we must take action this week to #ProtectDREAMers. Everyone agrees we should ensure DREAMers can stay here. We must reach agreement this week." 1/16/18 Tweet - "Trump Admin's immigration report paints a misleading picture of a nation under assault from foreigners seeking to bring terrorism, violence, & economic drain to our country, & has one goal: to distract from @POTUS' failure to address the #DACA crisis." 1/16/18 Tweet - "Today on the Floor, the House will consider 8 bills--none of which address the urgent priorities of the American people, including the need to fund govt, #ProtectDREAMers, & reauthorize #CHIP." 1/16/18 Tweet - "On Friday, I held a #GOPTaxScam town hall with @RepAnthonyBrown & @ChrisVanHollen & and the sentiment from Marylanders is that this bill will not be helpful to the middle class. I told reporters Republicans will rue the day they voted for this bill." 1/15/18 Tweet - "The mission to which Dr. King called all of us continues & we must make it our own. We must stand up for social & economic justice, incl by opposing policies like #GOPTaxScam that force the poor & middle class to subsidize massive tax cuts for the wealthy." 1/12/18 Hoyer Discusses the Urgent Need for Congress to Protect DREAMers, Funding the Government, and the 2018 Midterm Elections on CSPAN's "Newsmakers" 1/12/18 Hoyer Statement on Iran 1/12/18 Tweet - "Today, I joined with the MD Delegation in sending a letter to Gov. @LarryHogan, which asks about his plan to protect Marylanders from the harmful impact of Republicans' tax law." 1/12/18 Letter to Governor Hogan - State and Local Tax Deduction 1/12/18 Hoyer, Van Hollen, Brown Discuss the Negative Impact of the Republican Tax Law on Maryland Families 1/11/18 Tweet - "One yr after the intelligence community released their report on Russia's interference in the 2016 election, a number of outstanding questions still need to be answered. We need an independent commission to investigate & provide the American people with answers. RT if you agree." 1/11/18 Tweet - "I joined @CNN @NewDay this morning to discuss the meeting at the White House this week & Democrats' work to #ProtectDREAMers. There is overwhelming consensus that Congress should pass a permanent solution to allow DREAMers to remain here, and we ought to take up a bill ASAP." 1/11/18 Tweet - "I look forward to reviewing the details of the reported deal to ensure it protects #DREAMers and does not harm unrelated immigration policy areas that should instead be part of a comprehensive immigration reform package." 1/11/18 Tweet - "I agree, @RepJoeKennedy. I urge @HouseGOP to take action to respond to this threat & consider Rep. Kennedy's bill to establish the National Russian Threat Response Center." 1/11/18 Tweet - ".@RealDonaldTrump's comments are racist & a disgrace. They do not reflect our nation's values. Immigrants from throughout the world of all races, nationalities, & religions have built this country & are contributing today to its improvement. 1/2" 1/11/18 Hoyer Discusses the Urgent Need for a Legislative Solution to Protect DREAMers on CNN 1/11/18 Hoyer Statement on Reports of a Senate Deal on Immigration 1/11/18 Hoyer Statement on President Trump's Racist Comments 1/10/18 Tweet - "This week, @RealDonaldTrump ended legal protections for 200,000 Salvadorans living in the United States under temporary protected status. This misguided decision could spark a new economic and humanitarian crisis in Central America. Congress must take action to #SaveTPS."

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