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12/15/10 Bunning Votes to Prevent Tax Hike on American Families and Small Businesses 12/09/10 Farewell to the Senate 12/06/10 Letter to His Excellency Mr. Wang Qishan Vice Premier of the State Council The People's Republic of China 12/02/10 Letter to Minority Leader McConnell - New STRAT Treaty 11/29/10 Letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 11/15/10 Bunning Supports Moratorium on Earmarks 11/04/10 Letter: Senators oppose Obama Administration effort to ram through new surface mining regulations 10/01/10 Bunning Introduces Legislation to Stop the EPA's War on Coal 9/29/10 Bunning to Oppose Continuing Resolution 9/29/10 Bunning: "The American People are Tired of Empty Promises' 9/29/10 Senate Passes Bunning, Udall, Alexander, Corker Resolution Honoring Sick Nuclear Workers with a National Day of Remembrance 9/28/10 Remembering Senator Ted Stevens 9/23/10 Letter to The Honorable J. Russell George Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration 9/22/10 Hearing of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee - National Flood Insurance Program Hearing 9/21/10 Letter to Ken Salazar, U.S. Secretary of the Interior - Wild Earth Guardians 9/16/10 Executive Session 8/04/10 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Businesses Fighting Trade Practices Conducted Abroad 7/30/10 Letter to Timothy Geithner Secretary Department of the Treasury 7/23/10 Bunning Honored As Defender Of Economic Freedom By Club for Growth 7/21/10 Kagan Nomination 7/21/10 Bunning: Democrats Delay Help For Unemployed So They Can Drive Up Deficit 7/21/10 What The Obama Tax Increases Mean For You 7/20/10 Remembering Senator Robert C. Byrd 7/15/10 Financial Regulatory Reform 7/01/10 Happy 4th of July 6/30/10 Bunning Statement On The Confirmation Of General David Petraeus To Be Commanding General In Afghanistan 6/21/10 Amendment NO. 4380 6/15/10 Elena Kagan 6/15/10 The National Debt 6/15/10 Clean Coal 6/10/10 Bunning Statement On The EPA Resolution Of Disapproval 6/10/10 Resolution of Disapproval of EPA Rule--Motion to Proceed 6/08/10 Letter to The Honorable Steven Beshear 6/08/10 Letter to The Honorable Steven Beshear 6/01/10 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Trade Accords 5/20/10 Bunning Says Democrats' Financial Reform Bill Has No Teeth 5/05/10 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Federal Disaster Declaration in Kentucky 5/03/10 Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 4/29/10 Bunning Statement On Hopkins County Mine Accident 4/26/10 Bunning Statement On The Wall Street Perpetual Bailout Bill 4/22/10 Bunning: Democrat Budget Spends Our Nation Into The Abyss 4/21/10 Statement By Senator Jim Bunning On The Markup Of The FY11 Budget Resolution 4/20/10 Bunning Statement On Brainard Nomination 4/20/10 Executive Session 4/16/10 Letter To Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 4/15/10 Democrats Say No Thanks To Fiscal Responsibility 4/13/10 Letter to Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State - Urging Continuation of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations 4/05/10 Democrats Refuse To Help The Unemployed 4/02/10 Obama Administration Seriously Harms Coal Industry in Eastern Kentucky 4/01/10 Bunning Blasts Obama on Recess Appointments

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