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4/15/14 Letter to David Camp, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee - Repeal Death Tax 1/01/14 Contract From America 1/01/14 Issue Position: Fair Tax 1/01/14 Issue Position: Simplify the Tax Code 9/16/13 Letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Department of Health and Human Services - Taxpayer Money to Promote Affordable Care Act 8/04/13 Keeping the IRS Out of Your Health Care 7/28/13 Closing the $4.2 billion illegal immigrant loophole 7/25/13 Kingston Works to Close $4.2 Billion Illegal Immigrant Loophole 5/17/13 Letter to Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury - IRS Targeting 5/16/13 Kingston Votes to Repeal Obamacare 5/14/13 Letter to Honorable Steven T. Miller, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service - IRS Targeting 5/13/13 Letter to Douglas H. Schulman, Commissioner of IRS - IRS Targeting 4/10/13 Kingston: What Happened to "We Can't Wait?" 1/02/13 Kingston Opposes Fiscal Cliff 'Fix' 1/01/13 Americans for Prosperity: Federal Taxpayer Protection Pledge 1/01/13 Issue Position: Economy and Jobs 9/07/12 Rep. Kingston: End Washington's War on Workers 8/01/12 Kingston Votes to Stop Tax Hike 5/08/12 Westmoreland and Kingston Take a Stand Against Misuse of the Tax Code 5/07/12 Kingston and Westmoreland Take a Stand Against Misuse of the Tax Code 4/24/12 Letter to Douglas Shulman, Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service - Internal Revenue Service Emails 4/18/12 Addressing Failed Administration Policies 4/06/12 March Jobs Report Fails to Meet Expectations 12/20/11 Motion to Go to Conference on H.R. 3630, Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011 12/01/11 Economic Recovery 11/16/11 Kingston Bill Would Prevent Child Tax Credits for Illegal Immigrants 11/15/11 Increasing Jobs and Economic Growth 8/04/11 At 150, Income Tax System Hasn't Aged Well 7/09/11 Abysmal Jobs Report Signals Need for Change in Course 4/15/11 Georgia Republicans Speak Out on Tax Day 4/15/11 Blog: House Approves Long-Term Budget 12/17/10 Kingston Opposes Obama Tax Deal 12/02/10 Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010 12/01/10 MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" - Transcript 11/12/10 Lame Duck Session 9/16/10 Bishop Urges House Leadership to Reform Estate Tax 6/25/10 Americans for Prosperity: No Climate Tax 6/08/10 U.S. Chamber Honors Kingston for Work on Economic Growth, Job Creation 3/24/10 Small Business And Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act Of 2010 3/04/10 Kingston On Jobs: Get Out Of The Way, Washington 2/01/10 Kingston On Budget: Rhetoric Doesn't Match Reality - Congressman Urges President To Go Back To The Drawing Board 12/04/09 Kingston Calls For Small Business Relief To Stem Unemployment 11/06/09 Kingston: It's Time For Change We Can Believe In 5/19/09 Global Warming Just Isn't Panning Out the Way the Left Thought It Would Be 4/15/09 Results Are In: Georgians Ready For Tax Simplification 4/01/09 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 1664, Pay for Performance Act 3/24/09 The Democrat Budget Spends Too Much, Borrows Too Much, and Taxes Too Much 2/13/09 Kingston Votes Against Trillion-Dollar Bait and Switch 2/11/09 Twice the Jobs Half the Cost 1/29/09 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Stimulate the Economy

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