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11/14/12 Berman Statement on Israeli Air Strike on Gaza 10/02/12 Berman Praises Taiwan's Designation to Visa Waiver Program 9/27/12 Letter to Secretary of State Clinton 9/27/12 Letter to Secretary Clinton 9/10/12 Letter to The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State 9/07/12 Berman Denounces Iraqi Government Decision to Allow Iran to Use Airspace 8/30/12 Howard Berman Statement on IAEA Director General Report regarding Iran's Nuclear Program 8/22/12 Howard Berman Statement on Tuvalu's Decision to Deregister Vessels Owned by Iran, Ending Reflagging Effort 8/22/12 Berman Statement on SEC Vote to Approve Conflict Mineral Rules 8/13/12 Letter to Secretary Clinton and Secretary Geithner 8/01/12 Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 7/27/12 Statement by Howard Berman After Attending White House Bill Signing Ceremony for U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act 7/25/12 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "Investigating the Chinese Threat, Part Two: Human Rights Abuses, Torture, and Disappearances" 7/24/12 Statement by U.S. Rep. Howard L. Berman on the Election in Nagorno-Karabakh 7/24/12 WIPO Director General Refuses Permission for Two Officials to Testify Before Congress 7/19/12 U.S. Rep. Howard Berman Expresses Deep Disappointment following Russian, Chinese Veto at the U.N. on Syria 7/18/12 Statement by U.S. Rep. Howard Berman on the Bus Bombing in Bulgaria of Israeli Citizens 7/09/12 Letter to The Honorable Willy Telavi, Prime Minister of Tuvalu 7/03/12 Berman Welcomes Resumption of NATO Transit Routes Through Pakistan 6/29/12 Letter to President Kikwete 6/29/12 Berman Expresses Deep Disappointment in UNESCO's Decision Putting Church of Nativity on World Heritage List Despite Opposition from Church's Religious Caretakers 6/28/12 Letter to The Honorable Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation 6/25/12 Letter to Constituents 6/25/12 Letter to Coalition to Stop 30 Billion to Israel 6/20/12 Howard Berman Statement After Meeting Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz 6/19/12 Letter to Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State - Calling International Attention to Addressing Short-Lived Climate Pollutants 5/17/12 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "Iran Sanctions: Strategy, Implementation, and Enforcement" 5/17/12 Howard Berman Statement on Announcement of Iron Dome Funding by Panetta, Barak 4/25/12 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - LRA, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, AQIM and Other Sources of Instability in Africa 4/24/12 Ranking Member Berman Recognizes 97th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide 4/18/12 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - "North Korea After Kim Jong-il: Still Dangerous and Erratic" 3/22/12 Howard Berman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Introduce Bipartisan North Korean Human Rights Bill 3/21/12 Hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - Russia 2012: Increased Repression, Rampant Corruption, Assisting Rogue Regimes 3/20/12 Howard Berman Rejects House Republican Budget on Foreign Affairs Priorities 3/19/12 Foreign Cultural Exchange Jurisdictional Immunity Clarification Act 3/19/12 House Passes Investor Visa Legislation for Israel 3/06/12 Berman Introduces Legislation to Strengthen U.S.-Israel Security Cooperation 2/29/12 Condemning Iran for its Persecution of Youcef Nadarkhani 2/28/12 Committee Approves Investor Visa Legislation for Israel 2/09/12 Congressman Berman Introduces Bipartisan E-2 Investor Visa Legislation for Israel, Will Spur Investment and Create Jobs in the United States 1/10/12 Berman Calls on Sri Lankan Government to Hold Accountable Human Rights Abusers 1/01/12 Issue Position: Foreign Affairs 1/01/12 Issue Position: Middle East 12/23/11 Berman Praises Taiwan's Nomination to Visa Waiver Program 12/14/11 Rep. Berman Hails House Passage of Iran Sanctions Bill 12/13/11 Rep. Berman Applauds House Passage of Resolution Urging Turkey to Return Confiscated Churches 12/09/11 Letter to Godefridus de Graaf, President of the Senate - The Hague and The Netherlands 12/08/11 Congressman Howard Berman Calls for Increased Pressure on Iran 12/07/11 Letter to Chairman Levin, Ranking Member McCain, Chairman McKeon, and Ranking Member Smith 12/06/11 Rep. Howard Berman Statement on Sanctioning the Central Bank of Iran

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