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9/27/09 Op-Ed" Speaker Pelosi's Health Care Plan Does Cut Medicare 9/24/09 Op-Ed: Our Country Needs Jobs 9/22/09 Raising Federal Cost Share Of Calleguas Water District Recycling Project 9/09/09 Gallegly Statement On President Obama's Address To Congress 9/01/09 Op-Ed: We Shouldn't Give Illegal Immigrants A Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card 8/11/09 Ventura County Star Op-Ed: Only Fix What's Broken 7/28/09 The Hill Op-Ed: Animal Welfare: Cruelty Barbaric in Itself, and Tied to other Offenses 6/26/09 American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 6/25/09 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 6/24/09 Democrats Refuse Open Vote on Securing Military Bases 6/16/09 Hearing Of The Europe Subcommitee Of The House Foreign Affairs Committee - Strengthening The Transatlantic Alliance: An Overview Of The Obama Administration's Policies In Europe 6/14/09 Selling U.S. To China 6/10/09 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - American Journalists Held in North Korea 5/07/09 In Recognition Of Iran's Nuclear Threat 5/01/09 The Enduring Legacy Of Two Unsung Heroes 4/12/09 American Dream Resides In Homes, Not D.C. 3/25/09 Gallegly Statement On AIG Bonus Vote 3/25/09 Time Is Not On Our Side In Meeting Iran Threat 3/25/09 Omnibus Public Land Management Act Of 2009 3/19/09 Cartels Murder Thousands In ‘Victimless' Drug Crimes 3/01/09 Bailout Must Protect Responsible Homeowners 2/18/09 Moran and Gallegly To Co-Chair Congressional Animal Protection Caucus 2/13/09 Gallegly Votes Against Non-Stimulus Act 2/05/09 Alternative Bill Better for U.S. 1/08/09 Hamas Wrong, as Terrorists Always are 12/14/08 Sense Of Entitlement Threatens Economy 12/10/08 Gallegly Votes Against Union Protection Plan, Taxpayer Abyss 11/24/08 Gallegly Praises U.S.-Ireland Pre-Clearance Pact 10/17/08 President Signs Into Law Schiff, Waxman, Gallegly Provisions Requiring Stricter Standards On Collision Avoidance Systems Implementation On Major U.S. Rail Lines 10/03/08 Gallegly Votes ‘No' Again on Wall Street Bailout 9/29/08 Gallegly Votes "No" on Wall Street Bill 9/24/08 House Passes Schiff, Waxman, Gallegly Provisions Requiring Stricter Standards on Collision Avoidance Systems Implementation on Major U.S. Rail Lines 9/19/08 Eliminating Jobs For Illegal Immigrants is Quick and Easy 9/19/08 Schiff, Waxman, Gallegly Introduce Legislation to Require Collision Avoidance Systems On All Major U.S. Rail Lines 9/19/08 Eliminating Jobs for Illegal Immigrants Is Quick and Easy 9/16/08 Gallegly: House-passed ‘Energy' Bill Running on Empty 9/15/08 Chatsworth Train Crash Tragedy 9/08/08 China Debt Syndrome 8/12/08 Eliminate Illegal Immigration to Eliminate State Deficit 8/01/08 House Votes to Extend Gallegly Employment Eligibility Verification Program 7/30/08 Employee Verification Amendment Act of 2008 7/27/08 ‘Time to reconsider developing the Outer Continental Shelf' 7/17/08 Hearing of the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommitee of the House Judiciary Committee - From the Department of Justice to Guantanamo Bay: Administration Lawyers and Administration Interrogation Rules, Part V 6/18/08 Gallegly Introduces High School Sports Anti-Drug Act 5/22/08 It's time to wake up and act on oil dependency 5/15/08 Gallegly Statement on the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008 4/01/08 Georgia and Ukraine NATO Membership 3/16/08 Raising Taxes Just a Bad Idea 3/09/08 Pakistan Stands on the Precipice 2/10/08 Illegal Activity Doesn't Stop at Animal Abuse

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