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11/18/12 Ventura County Star - A House Divided Cannot Stand 9/14/12 Question of the Week: Continuing Resolution 6/28/12 Supreme Court Rules Congress Can Tax; Congress Can Also Repeal Tax 5/14/12 Secure Hispanic vote by Preserving Jobs 3/15/12 Washington Times - E-Verify Ready to Put Americans to Work 12/14/11 Gallegly Votes to Protect Americans From Our Enemies 9/15/11 Hearing of the House Judiciary Committee - Markup of H.R. 2885, The "Legal Workforce Act" 9/09/11 Smith and Gallegly: California Bill Shows Federal E-Verify Law Needed 9/01/11 Thousand Oaks Acorn - Act Ensures Jobs are Filled by Legal Workers 7/19/11 Gallegly Vote Requires Government To Live Within Its Means 6/15/11 Statement of Chairman Elton Gallegly 6/13/11 Los Angeles Times - E-Verify Works; Let's Use It 5/24/11 Gallegly Praises Supreme Court Ruling Upholding E-Verify 3/06/11 Ventura County Star - Illegal Immigration's Toll on State's Deficit 12/09/10 President Signs Gallegly Animal Crush Bill 11/19/10 Senate Passes Gallegly Animal Crush Bill 11/15/10 Providing For Consideration OF H.R. 5566 and the Senate Amendment Thereto 7/21/10 House Overwhelmingly Passes Gallegly Crush Video Bill 7/20/10 Prevention of Interstate Commerce in Animal Crush Videos Act of 2010 4/21/10 Moran, Gallegly & 54 Others Respond To Supreme Court Ruling On Animal Cruelty 4/20/10 U.S. Rep. Gallegly Statement On Stevens vs. The U.S. Decision 10/06/09 U.S. Rep. Gallegly Statement On Stevens Vs. The U.S. Hearing 2/10/08 Illegal Activity Doesn't Stop at Animal Abuse 3/04/07 Biased think tanks can't change facts 2/07/07 Don't Penalize Nation's Legal Residents and Citizens 7/08/04 The Heightened Need for Telework Opportunities in the Post-911 World - Hearing of the House Government Reform Committee

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