Representative Nancy Pelosi's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (CA) - District 12, Democratic Minority Leader
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6/30/17 Pelosi Statement on Partial Implementation of President Trump's Muslim and Refugee Ban 6/29/17 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 6/26/17 Pelosi Statement on Supreme Court Lifting Injunctions Against Muslim & Refugee Ban 6/22/17 Pelosi Statement on House Republican Obstruction of Bipartisan Sanctions Bill 6/15/17 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 6/09/17 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 6/08/17 Pelosi Statement on Director Comey's Senate Testimony 6/07/17 Pelosi Statement on Nomination of Christopher Wray for FBI Director 6/02/17 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 5/26/17 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 5/21/17 Pelosi Calls on Justice Department to Stop Trump White House from Obstructing Special Counsel Mueller's Investigation, Announces Plans to Introduce Measure Demanding Waiver 5/19/17 Pelosi Statement Following House Briefing by the Deputy Attorney General 5/18/17 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 5/17/17 Dear Colleague - Urging Members to Sign Discharge Petition on Protecting Our Democracy Act 5/16/17 Pelosi Statement on News Reports that President Trump Asked FBI Director Comey to Shut Down Flynn Investigation 5/15/17 Pelosi Statement After Reports President Trump Compromised Highly-Classified Intelligence to Russians 4/17/17 Pelosi Statement on Tax Day 3/31/17 Cummings Calls on Nunes to Recuse Himself from Russia-Trump Investigation 3/22/17 Pelosi Statement on Terrorist Attack in London 3/06/17 Pelosi Statement on Repackaged Trump Muslim & Refugee Ban 2/16/17 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 2/14/17 Transcript of Pelosi, Ranking Democrats Press Conference Reacting to Resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn 2/13/17 Pelosi: Fire General Flynn 1/25/17 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 1/10/17 Barragán Appointed to House Homeland Committee 1/06/17 Pelosi Statement on Report Confirming Putin's Political Thuggery on American Democracy 12/29/16 Pelosi Statement on New U.S. Sanctions For Russia's Cyber Assault on Elections 9/06/16 Letter to Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House - Russia Cyber Attacks 7/28/16 Speech by Nancy Pelosi at the 2016 Democratic Party Convention 7/06/16 Castro Joins House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence 6/17/16 Pelosi Statement on the One-Year Anniversary of the Charleston Church Shooting 6/16/16 Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act 5/24/16 Pelosi Statement on Intelligence Authorization Bill 4/10/16 Pelosi Calls for Declassification of Redacted Portions of 9/11 Joint Inquiry Report 2/25/16 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 2/23/16 Pelosi Statement on President's Plan for Closing Guantanamo 12/01/15 Pelosi Statement on Republican Vote to Continue to Allow Terror Suspects to Buy Guns 11/19/15 American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015 11/19/15 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 11/19/2015 10/01/15 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 9/17/15 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today 9/11/15 Transcript of Pelosi Press Availability Ahead of Votes on Iran Agreement 9/11/15 14th Anniversary of September 11 8/31/15 Pelosi Remarks at Event Honoring 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina 6/02/15 Pelosi Statement on Senate Passage of USA Freedom Act 5/31/15 Pelosi Statement on Senate Republicans' Failure to Pass USA Freedom Act 5/07/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Support of Iran Negotiations Signed by 150 Members 3/03/15 Pelosi Statement on Full Funding for the Department of Homeland Security 3/02/15 Pelosi Statement on Senate Cloture Vote on Homeland Security Funding Bill 2/27/15 Transcript of Pelosi, Hoyer Press Availability Today

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