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4/25/16 Letter to Dr. Robert M. Califf, M.D., Commissioner of the Food and Drug Association - Lawmakers Demand Information about Obama's Loosening of Abortion Drug Rules 9/29/15 Women's Public Health and Safety Act 5/13/15 In Support of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act 9/11/14 Hearing of the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee - Examining H.R. 5411, the Trafficking Awareness Training for Health Care Act of 2014 6/30/14 Upton, Pitts Applaud Supreme Court Decision to Defend Religious Freedom 3/24/14 The Constitutionality of Abortion-Inducing Drugs in Obamacare 6/14/13 Column - Protecting Our Servicemembers 5/13/13 Pitts' Statement Gosnell Verdict 5/10/13 Getting More of Something You Can't Buy 5/08/13 Letter to Donald E. Williamson, State Health Officer - Gosnell Trial 4/11/13 Regarding National Media Coverage of Philadelphia Murder Trial 7/06/12 Committee Analysis Highlights Most Effective Strategies to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy 3/07/12 After-Birth Abortion 11/03/11 Trafficking Grant 11/02/11 Hearing of the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee - Do New Health Law Mandates Threaten Conscience Rights and Access to Care? 12/04/09 Op Ed: Let's Not Forget The Women Of Afghanistan 11/07/09 Vote "Yes" On Pro-Life Amendment 6/10/09 Pro-Life 3/05/09 Rep. Pitts Introduces Bill to Study Post Abortion Depression 11/16/07 Egg Harvesting a Danger to Women 10/15/07 Rep. Pitts Commends Passage of Legislation Increasing Postpartum Research 6/15/07 Deportation Cas Of Mr. Sameh Khouzam 3/28/06 Holly's Law/RU-486 3/16/06 Embryonic Stem Cell Research and the Exploitation of Women 3/08/06 Sex Trafficking and the Oscars 2/10/06 Abortion and the Health of the Mother 8/26/05 Women's Rights in Iraq and America 9/15/04 Rep. Pitts Condemns Use of Rape as a Weapon of Terror in Sudan 4/21/04 Solis, Capito, Slaughter and 31 other Members of Congress Urge Ridge to help Maria Suarez 4/08/04 Promoting Healthier Families to Fight Poverty

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