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10/11/12 Leading House and Senate Republicans Urge President to Rethink Issuing Cybersecurity Executive Order 6/26/12 Letter to Eric Holder Jr., Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice - National Security Leaks 9/05/11 GOP Presidential Forum 6/21/11 35 Senators Offer Resolution Thanking CIA for Service 5/05/11 DeMint: Time to Honor CIA's Work in Tracking Down Osama bin Laden 2/04/11 DeMint: Unionization of TSA Screeners Hurts U.S. Security 1/01/11 Issue Position: National Security 8/16/10 Op-Ed - The New START Treaty Weakens U.S. National Security 4/30/10 Letter To The Honorable Hillary Clinton, Secretary Of State 3/28/10 Blog: President Obama's Top 10 Failed Nominees and Appointees 1/27/10 DeMint: President Should Listen to Americans Calling for Commonsense Solutions 1/20/10 DeMint Statement on Southers Withdrawing Nomination 1/08/10 Letter Barack Obama, President of the United States - Prosecuting Airline Bomber in Civilian Court Results in Missed Intelligence Opportunity 1/03/10 CNN "State Of The Union With John King" - Transcript 1/01/10 DeMint Statement on TSA Nominee 12/29/09 Fox News "Your World With Neil Cavuto" - Transcript 12/01/09 DeMint Statement on President Obama's Afghanistan Strategy 11/13/09 DeMint Statement on Decision to Bring GITMO Terrorists to US 9/17/09 Executive Session 9/11/09 Anniversary Of America's War On Terror 6/11/09 Panel I of a Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - "North Korea: Back At The Brink?" 6/08/09 North Korea 6/03/09 16 Senators Offer Amendment to Re-List North Korea as Sponsor of Terrorism 6/03/09 Letter to The Honorable Hillary Clinton, Secretary, U.S. Department of State 5/20/09 Press Conference With Senate Republicans - Senate Vote On Funds For Guantanamo Closure 4/20/09 Senator DeMint First to Welcome Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Back to Office 4/16/09 Letter To The Honorable Janet Napolitano, Secretary, United States Department Of Homeland Security 4/04/09 The Charleston Post and Courier - Sept. 10 Mindset Raises U.S. Vulnerability to Terror 3/26/09 Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – Nominations 3/26/09 Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – The Nomination of Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry to be Ambassador to Afghanistan 3/25/09 Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – Nomination of Christopher Hill to be Ambassador to the Republic of Iraq 9/11/08 It's Time to Enlarge NATO 5/08/08 Happy 60th Birthday, Israel 4/09/08 New Direction for Energy Independence, National Security, and Consumer Protection Act and the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2007 4/07/08 Bucharest: An Important Crossroad for NATO 3/04/08 The Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Act--Continued 2/27/08 Providing for the Safe Redeployment of United States Troops From Iraq--Motion to Proceed--Continued 7/26/07 Implementing Recommendations Of The 9/11 Commission Act Of 2007 7/17/07 House Votes To Support DeMint Legislation Banning Serious Felons At U.S. Seaports 7/17/07 House Votes to Support DeMint Legislation Banning Serious Felons at U.S. Seaports 3/13/07 DeMint Opposes 9/11 Recommendations Bill 3/06/07 Improving America's Security Act of 2007 2/28/07 Senate Passes DeMint Amendment Banning Serious Felons from Accessing American Seaports 2/27/07 36 Senators Object to Provision Jeopardizing Air Travel Safety 1/10/07 Legislative Transparency And Accountability Act of 2007 9/14/06 Republicans Are Committed to Making America Safer 9/13/06 Unity in the War on Terror 9/12/06 Senate Approves DeMint Alert System 9/06/06 DeMint: Democrats Should "Stop Performing for an Audience and Help Us Fight This War on Terror." 8/15/06 Op-Ed - Greenville News - The WARN Act is Vital to Secure America's Homeland

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