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9/23/12 House Passes Sullivan Bill to Protect American Jobs 9/21/12 Sullivan Votes to Stop Obama's War on Coal 9/21/12 Committee Members Put Jobs First, Rally Support to Stop the War on Coal 9/20/12 Stop the War on Coal Act of 2012 9/19/12 Republic of China's National Day on October 10 9/13/12 House to Battle Obama's War on Coal Next Week 7/26/12 Sullivan Votes to Cut Red Tape for Job Creators 7/25/12 Sullivan Votes to Audit the Fed 7/25/12 Sullivan Supports Increasing American-Made Energy 7/18/12 Sullivan Fights to Stop Devastating Defense Cuts 7/11/12 Sullivan Votes Again to Fully Repeal Obamacare 7/10/12 Hearing of the Energy and Power Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee - The American Energy Initiative: A Focus on Alternative Fuels and Vehicles, Both the Challenges and the Opportunities 6/28/12 Sullivan Votes to Hold Attorney General Holder in Contempt 6/28/12 Sullivan Statement on SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling 6/25/12 Energy and Commerce Leaders Welcome EPA's Proposed Revisions to Cement Rules 6/21/12 Domestic Energy and Jobs Act 6/08/12 House Passes Sullivan Amendment Preserving Federal 287(g) Immigration Enforcement Program 6/08/12 Letter to Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy - Memorandum for Power Marketing Administrators 6/07/12 Reps. Sullivan and Murphy Team Up to Fix EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule 6/07/12 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2013 6/06/12 Rep. Sullivan Puts Abusive EPA Enforcement Practices Under the Microscope 5/30/12 Sullivan Expresses No Confidence in Attorney General Holder 5/18/12 Sullivan Applauds Ruling Against Broken Arrow Casino 5/15/12 States Rights and Immigration Law 5/15/12 Fast and Furious Scandal Update 5/07/12 Letter to Conferees 4/30/12 Energy and Commerce Committee Members Respond to Armendariz Resignation 4/30/12 Sullivan Pleased with Armendariz Resignation 4/27/12 Energy and Commerce Leaders Investigate Whether EPA Official's Enforcement "Philosophy" to "Crucify" American Energy Companies Resulted in Abuse of Public Trust 4/26/12 Sullivan Introduces Legislation to Reform Washington's Broken Budget Process 4/26/12 Boren Testifies Before Ways and Means Committee ABout Former Indian Land Tax Credits 4/19/12 Rep. Barton, Committee Leaders Concerned New EPA Rule Will Stifle American Energy Production 4/18/12 Energy and Commerce Leaders Express Concern About the Impact of EPA's Latest Rule Affecting American Energy Production 4/18/12 Sullivan Responds to New EPA Regulations on Domestic Energy Development 4/02/12 Sullivan Raises Concern Over EPA Action on E15 3/30/12 Shimkus, Ross, Sullivan, Peterson Introduce Bipartisan Domestic Fuels Protection Act 3/27/12 Sullivan: EPA Rule will Increase Cost of Electricity 3/23/12 Sullivan Statement on Two Year Anniversary of Obamacare 3/22/12 Energy and Commerce Members Respond to President's Political Charade in Cushing 3/22/12 Sullivan Responds to Obama Speech in Cushing 3/21/12 Sullivan Statement on President Obama's Cushing Visit 3/07/12 Sullivan Challenges Obama's Record on Gas Prices 3/06/12 Sullivan Supports Repealing IPAB Provisions of Obamacare 2/22/12 Oklahoma Delegation Asks FWS to Explain Listing Priority for the Lesser Prairie Chicken 2/17/12 Sullivan Reacts to BIA Announcement 2/16/12 Sullivan Votes to Develop American Made Energy 2/06/12 Letter to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2/01/12 Oklahoma Delegation Reacts to American Airlines Restructuring 1/25/12 State of the Union Reaction Continues: Although the President Kept Mum on Keystone XL, Energy and Commerce Members Continue Holding Him Accountable for Failure to Say Yes to Jobs 1/18/12 Providing for Consideration of H. RES. 515, Addressing a Motion to Proceed Under Section 3101A of Title 31, United States Code

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