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Rush Holt, Jr.'s Public Statements

Date Title
May 19, 2004 Permanent Extension of 10-Percent Individual Income Tax Rate Bracket
May 19, 2004 Paperwork and Regulatory Improvements Act of 2004
May 18, 2004 Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Efficiency Act of 2004
May 18, 2004 Occupational Safety and Health Small Business Day in Court Act of 2004
May 18, 2004 Occupational Safety and Health Small Employer Access to Justice Act of 2004
May 18, 2004 Occupational Safety and Health Independent Review of Osha Citations Act of 2004
May 14, 2004 Honoring Corrections Officer Chris Wilson and Sergeant Joseph DeMatteo
May 13, 2004 Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2004
May 5, 2004 Recognizing the Importance of Increasing Awareness of Autism
May 5, 2004 Congressional Democrats Call on Chairman Hunter to Help Military Widows
May 4, 2004 Recognizing Benefits and Importance of School-Based Music Education
May 4, 2004 Recognizing Valuable Contributions of Military Impacted Schools, Teachers, Administration, and Staff
April 30, 2004 Marriage Penalty Tax Bill
April 28, 2004 Observing the Armenian Genocide
April 22, 2004 Earth Day
April 21, 2004 169 House Members Call on Bush to Recognize Armenian Genocide
April 21, 2004 Support the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act
April 20, 2004 Recognizing the 91st Annual Meeting of the Garden Club of America
April 7, 2004 Congressional Leaders to FEC: Allow Political Organizations to Participate Fully in Elections
April 4, 2004 Is America Security Being Lost in Translation - Editorial
April 2, 2004 Pension Funding Equity Act of 2004
April 2, 2004 Honoring Natalie Stern, 2004 Cherry Blossom Princess
April 1, 2004 Congressional News Conference
April 1, 2004 Petitions, Etc.
March 31, 2004 Uses and Misuses of Intelligence
March 26, 2004 Introduction of the Knowledge Utilization in Education Act of 2004
March 24, 2004 Celebrating 50th Anniversary of International Geophysical Year
March 23, 2004 Organ Donation and Recovery Improvement Act
March 16, 2004 Central New Jersey Recognizes and Celebrates the Career of Shuji Maruyama Sensei
March 12, 2004 Congratulating East Brunswick High School's We the People Team
March 11, 2004 Condolences on Terrorist Attack Against Spain
March 11, 2004 Congratulations to Sarah Swords on Receiving the Mary P. Oenslager Scholastic Achievement Award
March 11, 2004 India Republic Day
March 4, 2004 Recognizing the 20th Anniversary of Clean Ocean Action
March 4, 2004 United States Patent and Trademark Fee Modernization Act of 2003
March 2, 2004 The 132nd Anniversary of Yellowstone National Park
Feb. 25, 2004 Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004
Feb. 10, 2004 Permitting Use of Rotunda of Capitol for Ceremony to Award Congressional Gold Medal to Dr. Dorothy Height
Feb. 6, 2004 NPR Talk of the Nation Transcript
Feb. 4, 2004 Short-Changing the U.S. Postal Service in Preventing Bioterrorism Through the Mail
Feb. 4, 2004 Improving the Community Services Block Grant Act of 2003
Jan. 28, 2004 Unemployment Extension
Jan. 23, 2004 Central New Jersey Recognizes and Celebrates Henrietta Backer for Her Service to the Princeton Community
Jan. 21, 2004 Commending NASA on "Spirit" Mission to Mars
Jan. 21, 2004 Introduction of Resolution of Inquiry Regarding Disclosure of Identity and Employment of Covert U.S. Intelligence Officer
Jan. 20, 2004 Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King
Jan. 20, 2004 Unveiling United States Postage Stamp in Honor of Paul Robeson
Issue Position: Iraq War
Issue Position: Energy
Issue Position: Foreign Policy
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