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Rush Holt, Jr.'s Public Statements

Date Title
Nov. 10, 2006 eGenda: A New Direction For America
Nov. 9, 2006 Holt Calls on Congress, President to Make Hire a Veteran Week a Reality
Nov. 8, 2006 Holt Statement on President Bush's Nomination of Robert Gates to be Secretary of Defense
Nov. 5, 2006 Holt Statement on Verdict in Trial of Saddam Hussein
Nov. 3, 2006 Holt, Andrews Mark Crossroads of the American Revolution National Hertiage Area at Indian King Tavern
Nov. 3, 2006 Know Your Voting Rights
Nov. 2, 2006 Holt Statement on Letter to Secretary Rumsfeld Regarding the Security of Service Member's Votes
Oct. 31, 2006 Anthrax Probe Update
Oct. 30, 2006 Press Release - Holt Calls For GAO Investigation Of U.S. Bioterrorism Preparedness
Oct. 25, 2006 Holt Statement On New Jersey Supreme Court Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage
Oct. 18, 2006 The Trenton Times - Holt, Sinagra debate at Rider
Oct. 10, 2006 The Washington Post - A Vote We Can Believe In
Oct. 6, 2006 eGenda (Abuse of House Pages Requires Investigation, Accountability)
Oct. 5, 2006 Press Release - Federal Education Program Cheated New Jersey Schools
Oct. 4, 2006 Press Release - Holt, New Jersey Leaders Hail Rail And Transit Security Funding
Oct. 4, 2006 Independent - Holt calls for immediate withdrawal of troops
Sept. 30, 2006 Trenton Times - 'Crossroads' designation passes Senate
Sept. 29, 2006 Urging The President To Appoint A Presidential Special Envoy For Sudan
Sept. 29, 2006 Public Expression Of Religion Act Of 2006
Sept. 29, 2006 Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act
Sept. 29, 2006 Supporting The Goals And Ideals Of "Lights On Afterschool!"
Sept. 29, 2006 Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, And Explosives Modernization And Reform Act Of 2006
Sept. 29, 2006 John Warner National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2007
Sept. 29, 2006 Press Release - House Passes Holt-Sponsored Increase In Rail And Transit Security Funding
Sept. 29, 2006 Press Release - Historic Preservation Bill Passes Congress
Sept. 28, 2006 Press Release - Holt, Voting Integrity Advocates Call On Congress To Pass HR 550 Before House Adjourns For The Mid-Term Elections
Sept. 28, 2006 Older Americans Act Amendments Of 2006
Sept. 28, 2006 Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act
Sept. 27, 2006 Military Commissions Act Of 2006
Sept. 25, 2006 Letter to President of Sudan
Sept. 22, 2006 eGenda (Protecting Your Vote)
Sept. 21, 2006 Dedicated To Peace In Sri Lanka
Sept. 20, 2006 Press Release - Holt Blasts Domestic Spying Bill
Sept. 20, 2006 Bush Economy Is Not Benefiting America's Great Middle Class
Sept. 20, 2006 Federal Election Integrity Act Of 2006
Sept. 19, 2006 Holt: Intelligence Gaps Mean Threats Of War Against Iran Are Reckless
Sept. 14, 2006 Holt Hosts 'DC Day' For New Jersey Environmental Leaders
Sept. 14, 2006 Federal Prison Industries Competition In Contracting Act Of 2006
Sept. 13, 2006 Pension Protection Act
Sept. 13, 2006 Expressing Sense Of The House Of Representatives On Fifth Anniversary Of Terrorist Attacks Launched Against The United States On September 11, 2001
Sept. 13, 2006 Holt: Princeton Computer Scientists Show How to Steal Votes In Under A Minute Without Being Caught
Sept. 13, 2006 Health Information Technology Promotion Act (H.R. 4157)
Sept. 12, 2006 Holt Statement on Problems With Electronic Voting Machines in Maryland and D.C. Elections
Sept. 11, 2006 Holt Statement on Fifth Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Sept. 8, 2006 Letter to Elaine Chao, Secretary, U.S. Department of Labor - Women's Bureau of the Department of Labor
Sept. 8, 2006 Letter to Elaine Chao
Aug. 31, 2006 Holt & Pallone React to News of Pentagon's Decision to Rescind Plan to Deny Tricare Plus Services at Patterson
Aug. 31, 2006 Holt Conducts Hurricane Preparedness Roundtable
Aug. 24, 2006 Holt Tours Pennington Alternative Energy Leader
Aug. 23, 2006 Forum Provides Opportunities for New Jersey Businesses
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