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10/13/14 Newsletter: A Labor Hero; White House Report On Antibiotics; My Mailbag 10/03/14 The Weight of History; Common Sense Reform; The Most Powerful Instrument Devised By Man 9/15/14 Flushing Remonstrance Study Act 7/22/14 Hinchliffe Stadium Heritage Act 7/16/14 The 40th Anniversary of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus 1/24/14 Letter to Sally Jewell, Secretary, Department of the Interior - Conserve National Treasures Using Antiquities Act 10/28/13 E-Newsletter: What Health Reform is Already Doing 9/20/13 Egenda: Governing by Crisis 4/30/13 Newsletter - Anthrax, Now Ricin 4/19/13 Letter to Chairman Simpson - National Endowment for the Arts Funding 4/19/13 Letter to Chairman Simpson and Ranking Member Moran - National Endowment for the Humanities Funding 4/09/13 American Battlefield Protection Program Amendments Act of 2013 9/11/12 Remembering 9/11 9/11/12 Holt Announces U.S. House Passage of Battlefield Protection Bill 9/10/12 American Battlefield Protection Program Amendments Act of 2012 5/02/12 The Philadelphia Inquirer - Older Historic Sites in Danger, Historians Say 3/03/12 Thoughts on Inequality from Montgomery, Alabama 11/02/11 Reaffirming "In God We Trust" as the Official Motto of the United States 9/28/11 Biography Committee Assignments Economy Education Energy Environment Foreign Affairs Health Care Homeland Security Housing Innovation Agenda Intelligence Reform Retirement Security Veterans Voting Women's Issues Workforce Issues Economic Recovery Deficit 7/27/11 Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012 5/06/11 Letter to Chairman Mica, Ranking Member Rahall, Chairman Duncan and Ranking Member DeFazio 2/18/11 Opposition to H.R. 1 Garrett Amendment 34 1/18/11 The House's Reading of the Constitution 6/11/10 Should We Trust BP? 10/30/09 Holt Leads Successful Effort To Expand Federal Commitment To Preserving Open Spaces 3/04/09 House Approves Holt Revolutionary War Battlefield Protection Legislation 2/12/09 Holt Statement on the 100th Anniversary of the NAACP 9/24/08 House Approves Holt Revolutionary War Battlefield Protection Legislation 9/22/08 Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Battlefield Protection Act 9/12/08 Holt Statement On Yellowstone Snowmobile Federal Court Decision 7/30/08 Bush Signs into Law Holt Property Tax Relief Initiative 7/16/08 House Natural Resources Committee Unanimously Approves Holt Revolutionary War Battlefield Protection Legislation 7/10/08 Hearing Held on Holt Revolutionary War Battlefield Protection Legislation 7/10/08 Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail Designation Act 6/19/08 Recognizing Juneteenth Independence Day 5/14/08 Celebrating 60 Years of Remarkable Achievements by Our Friend and Ally Israel 4/18/08 National Park Week 10/23/07 House Natural Resources Committee Approves Holt Amendment to Protect National Parks from Harmful Mining Activities 3/21/07 Wexler and 246 Members of Congress Urge EU Not to Provide Aid to New Palestinian Government 3/13/07 Holt Calls for Resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales 1/30/07 Supporting The Goals And Ideals Of National Engineers Week 12/08/06 Nuremberg Trials 11/03/06 Holt, Andrews Mark Crossroads of the American Revolution National Hertiage Area at Indian King Tavern 9/30/06 Trenton Times - 'Crossroads' designation passes Senate 9/29/06 Press Release - Historic Preservation Bill Passes Congress 9/13/06 Expressing Sense Of The House Of Representatives On Fifth Anniversary Of Terrorist Attacks Launched Against The United States On September 11, 2001 7/24/06 National Heritage Areas Act of 2006 7/24/06 Holt-Frelinghuysen Historic Preservation Bill Passes Congress 7/21/06 Holt Presses Bush for Flooding Assistance 6/26/06 Supporting the Goals and Ideals of National Entrepreneurship Week

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