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2/09/15 Governor Kitzhaber Submits Appointments for Senate Confirmation 2/06/15 Governor Kitzhaber Appoints Ryan Mulkins as Josephine County District Attorney 2/04/15 Governor Kitzhaber Helps Secure Funding for Southern Oregon's Ports 2/02/15 Clean Fuels Advisory Committee Calls for Reauthorization of Oregon's Clean Fuels Program 1/22/15 After Fire, State Partners With Local and Private Partners to Rebuild Springfield Swanson Mill 1/21/15 Oregon's Job Growth Reaches Historic Level 1/15/15 Tammy Baney Appointed Chair of Oregon Transportation Commission 1/12/15 Inaugural Address 12/16/14 Governor Kitzhaber: "A Bright Economic Future for All Oregonians" 12/07/14 Governor Kitzhaber Orders Flags at Half-Staff for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 12/01/14 Governor Kitzhaber Releases 2015-17 Opportunity and Investment Balanced Budget 11/25/14 Governor Kitzhaber Reflects on Ferguson 11/20/14 Governor Kitzhaber: As Oregonians, We Believe in a Fair Shot for Everyone 11/18/14 Governor Kitzhaber: "Oregon's Job Market Is Growing at its Highest Rate in 20 Years" 11/10/14 Governor Kitzhaber Announces Awards to Build Affording Housing Across Oregon 10/31/14 Governor Kitzhaber's Statement on Today's Announcement that Multnomah County Patient Is Being Monitored for Ebola 10/29/14 Governor Kitzhaber Praises Coast Guard Decision to Delay Closing of Newport Helicopter Facility 10/28/14 Governor Kitzhaber Joins Health Partners to Discuss Statewide Ebola Preparedness 10/28/14 Oregon Employers to Get Unemployment Insurance Tax Cut in 2015 10/26/14 IAAF Evaluation Commission Dinner 10/22/14 The Oregonian - Gov. John Kitzhaber, Rep. Suzanne Bonamici Help Celebrate Second Phase Of Juniper Gardens In Forest Grove 10/18/14 Seattle Post‑Intelligencer - Kitzhaber Embattled as He Seeks 4th Term 10/16/14 Fighting Back Against Hobby Lobby 10/15/14 Governor Kitzhaber's Statement on State Preparedness for Any Suspected Cases of Ebola 10/14/14 Governor Kitzhaber: Oregon's Economy Shows Continued Expansion 10/08/14 NIKE Exceeds Hiring Requirement in Agreement Made with State of Oregon 9/30/14 Governor Kitzhaber Launches Statewide Literacy Campaign 9/26/14 KOIN 6 - Kitzhaber-Richardson Debate Shows Differences 9/20/14 Governor Kitzhaber Invokes Emergency Conflagration Act in Response to Scoggins Creek Fire 9/16/14 Governor Kitzhaber's Statement on Oregon's Job Growth 9/15/14 Governor Kitzhaber Declares Emergency Conflagration Act in Response to 36 Pit Fire 9/12/14 KAST - Bonamici Tsunami Bill Passes House 9/11/14 ​Comments to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission 9/10/14 Governor Kitzhaber Orders Flags Lowered to Half-Staff to Remember September 11, 2001 9/09/14 Governor Kitzhaber and Maj. Gen. Hokanson unveil guide to respond to Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake 9/04/14 A Voice in the Workplace 9/03/14 Governor Kitzhaber Declares Drought Emergency in Baker County 9/03/14 Oregon Awards College Scholarships to State Child Care Providers 9/01/14 KOIN 6 - Protestors Accuse Governor of Unequal Pay for Women 8/28/14 Governor Accepts Nomination of Oregon Working Families Party 8/27/14 Governor Kitzhaber: "Even As the Recovery Gains Steam, We Must Continue Our Focus on Family-Wage Jobs" 8/26/14 Governor Kitzhaber issues Executive Order on Commission to Study Oregon's Contributions to National Statuary Hall in D.C. 8/22/14 AG Finds Fraud, Deceit, and Corruption at Oracle; Governor Pledges Full Support to Protect Oregon Taxpayers 8/13/14 Governor Kitzhaber Invokes Emergency Conflagration Act in Response to Rogue River Drive Fire 8/08/14 Governor Kitzhaber on Intel Announcement: 'Innovation that Embodies the Oregon Spirit' 8/08/14 Governor Kitzhaber Announces Next Steps on New Water Initiative to Improve Availability of Water During Dry Summer and Fall 8/06/14 Governor Kitzhaber Invokes Emergency Conflagration Act in Response to Rowena Fire 8/01/14 My Central Oregon - Kitzhaber Urges Backing Of Wildfire Disaster Funding Act 7/30/14 Letter to Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior - Request for Information and Comments on Preparation of 2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program 7/24/14 Why I'm Running

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