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Thomas Coburn's Public Statements

Date Title
July 20, 2010 Dr. Coburn Votes Against Elena Kagan in Judiciary Committee
June 16, 2010 Dr. Coburn Statement on Oil Spill Politics
June 10, 2010 Dr. Coburn Votes for Resolution Blocking the EPA from Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions
June 8, 2010 Drs. Coburn and Barrasso: Congress Should Repeal and Replace Health Law That Will Harm Seniors and our Future
June 2, 2010 Coburn Statement on National Debt Reaching $13 Trillion
May 27, 2010 Senate Votes to Undermine Troops, Country with More Borrowing and Debt
May 26, 2010 Hearing Of The Subcommittee On The Constitution Of The Senate Judiciary Committee - "The Legality and Efficacy of Line-Item Veto Proposals"
May 20, 2010 Dr. Coburn Challenges Senate to Pay for War Supplemental
May 18, 2010 Hearing Of Subcommittee On Human Rights and the Law Of The Senate Judiciary Committee - "Drug Enforcement and the Rule of Law: Mexico and Colombia"
April 22, 2010 April 22nd, 2010 Newsletter
March 26, 2010 Dr. Coburn Urges Congress to Extend Unemployment Benefits in a Fiscally-Responsible Manner
Feb. 24, 2010 Senate Passes Debt Bill, Not Jobs Bill
Feb. 22, 2010 Dr. Coburn Says Reid Bill Will Create Debt, Not Jobs
Feb. 4, 2010 Hearing Of The Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations Of The Senate Committee On Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs - Keeping Foreign Corruption Out Of The United States: Four Case Histories
Jan. 28, 2010 Coburn Statement on Bernanke Confirmation
Jan. 26, 2010 Dr. Coburn's Statement on State of the Union Address
Dec. 16, 2009 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law - "The Law of the Land: U.S. Implementation of Human Rights Treaties"
Nov. 20, 2009 Kyl-Coburn Statement On Reid Proposal
Oct. 15, 2009 October 15th, 2009 Newsletter
Sept. 29, 2009 Dr. Coburn Statement on Passing of Henry Bellmon
Sept. 10, 2009 Dr. Coburn's Statement On President Obama's Health Care Speech
Aug. 6, 2009 FOX News " Your World With Neil Cavuto" - Transcript
July 28, 2009 Dr. Coburn Votes No on Endorsing Nomination of Judge Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court
July 21, 2009 Committee On Homeland Security And Government Affairs - U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations On Excessive Speculation in the Wheat Market
June 25, 2009 Panel I of a Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee - The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009
June 9, 2009 Hearing Of The Subcommittee On The Constitution Of The Senate Judiciary Committee - The Legal, Moral And National Security Consequesnces Of "Prolonged Detention"
May 26, 2009 Dr. Coburn's Statement on Judge Sonia Sotomayor
April 22, 2009 Hearing Of The Federal Fincancial Management, Government Information, Federal Services, And International Security Subcommittee Of The Senate Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs Committee - Eliminating Waste And Fraud In Medicare And Medicaid
April 2, 2009 Hearing Of The Senate Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs Committee - Recovery And Reinvestment Spending: Implementing A Bold Oversight Strategy
March 24, 2009 Roundtable Hearing Of The Senate Committee On Health, Education, Labor And Pensions - Addressing Insurance Market Reform In National Health Reform
Feb. 25, 2009 Dr. Coburn's Statement on President Obama's Speech to Congress
Feb. 10, 2009 Dr. Coburn Statement Opposing Passage of Stimulus Bill
Sept. 19, 2008 Dr. Coburn Says Financial Crisis Requires Sacrifice and Statesmanship in Congress
July 29, 2008 Dr. Coburn Applauds Senate's Decision to Continue Energy Debate
July 26, 2008 Dr. Coburn Says Senate Leaders Should Encourage, not Cut Off, Debate on Massive $10 Billion Omnibus Spending Bill
April 9, 2008 Dr. Coburn Calls on Senate Judiciary Committee to do its Job and Confirm Judges
April 8, 2008 Coburn Meets with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and Remarks on the Testimony of General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker
April 2, 2008 Dr. Coburn Applauds CAGW for Release of 2008 Pig Book
March 13, 2008 Dr. Coburn Calls Earmarking an Unconstitutional Abuse of Power
March 11, 2008 Coburn Critical of IRS Spending of $42 Million on Needless Stimulus Letter
Jan. 28, 2008 Dr. Coburn Responds to President Bush's State of the Union Proposals
Nov. 20, 2007 Dr. Coburn Statement on Stem Cell Breakthrough
Nov. 15, 2007 Dr. Coburn Criticizes Senate for Rushing and Attempting to Ban Debate on Critical Mortgage Reform Bill
Nov. 15, 2007 Dr. Coburn, Sen. Inhofe Honor Oklahoma's Centennial
Oct. 4, 2007 Hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia - Infectious Disease
Sept. 17, 2007 Dr. Coburn Comments On Attorney General Nominee
Sept. 12, 2007 Senate Refuses to Sacrifice Pork for Public Safety
Sept. 11, 2007 Dr. Coburn Comments On General Petraeus' Iraq Report
Sept. 7, 2007 Senate Accepts Coburn Amendments Demanding Greater Transparency of U.S. Contributions to U.N. and Global Fund
Sept. 5, 2007 Combat Veterans Need Medical Care; Not Forced Mental Health Screenings
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