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Saxby Chambliss' Public Statements

Date Title
Nov. 15, 2005 Chambliss, Isakson Co-Sponsor the "Reservist Access to Veterans Preference Act"
Nov. 10, 2005 Chambliss Co-Sponsors "The Stolen Valor Act of 2005"
Nov. 9, 2005 National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2006
Nov. 9, 2005 Congress Approves Funding for JAG Programs
Nov. 8, 2005 Augusta Chronicle - Medicare Improvements Will Help Seniors
Nov. 8, 2005 CNN The Situation Room - Transcript
Nov. 8, 2005 Chambliss: One Step Closer to Lowering Retirement Age for Guard and Reserve Personnel
Nov. 7, 2005 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006--Resumed
Nov. 4, 2005 Chambliss-Isakson Co-Sponsor Legislation to Help Disabled Veterans Modify Homes
Nov. 4, 2005 Honoring America's Veterans
Nov. 4, 2005 Foreign Operations Appropriations
Nov. 3, 2005 Deficit Reduction Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 2005--Resumed
Nov. 3, 2005 Chambliss Votes In Favor of Budget Reconciliation Bill
Nov. 3, 2005 Chambliss Votes to Cut Spending
Nov. 2, 2005 Deficit Reduction Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 2005
Nov. 2, 2005 Chambliss Meets with Guard and Reserve Commission on Capitol Hill
Nov. 1, 2005 Deficit Reduction Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 2005--Continued
Oct. 31, 2005 Chambliss Statement on Nomination of Samuel Alito to Supreme Court
Oct. 28, 2005 Chambliss Secures CDC Funding in Labor HHS Bill
Oct. 28, 2005 Chambliss Comments On Harriet Miers Withdrawal From Supreme Court Nomination
Oct. 28, 2005 Improving Benefits for National Guard and Reserve
Oct. 27, 2005 Chambliss Statement on Vote to Ratify the Iraqi Constitution
Oct. 26, 2005 Chambliss Works to Open Japan's Markets to U.S. Beef
Oct. 26, 2005 Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2006
Oct. 25, 2005 Honoring the Life of and Expressing Condolences of the Senate on the Passing of Rosa Parks
Oct. 21, 2005 Medicare Improvements to Help Georgia Seniors
Oct. 19, 2005 Chambliss Applauds USDA Decision to Halt FSA Office Closing Plans
Oct. 19, 2005 Ag Committee Completes Reconciliation Proposal
Oct. 18, 2005 Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, The Judiciary, The District of Columbia, and Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 2006
Oct. 17, 2005 Atlanta Journal and Constitution - Reform Must be Global, not Just Domestic
Oct. 10, 2005 Chambliss: U.S. Offer in Doha Round
Oct. 7, 2005 Chambliss Amendment Expands Reach Out and Read Program to Military Medical Facilities
Oct. 7, 2005 Chambliss: Homeland Security Bill Provides Key Funds for Border, Port, Airport and Mass Transit Security
Oct. 7, 2005 Agriculture's Chairmen Provide Principles for WTO Talks
Oct. 7, 2005 Chambliss-Isakson: Defense Funding Bill Benefits Georgia
Oct. 7, 2005 Tribute to American Beverage Association
Oct. 7, 2005 National Payroll Week
Oct. 6, 2005 Chambliss: We Must Stay the Course in the War on Terrorism
Oct. 6, 2005 Rescheduling Ag Committee's Reconciliation Meeting
Oct. 6, 2005 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2006
Oct. 6, 2005 Chambliss Backs Goss Decision, Says Singling Out Individual Officers Would Hurt Morale, Risk Taking
Oct. 4, 2005 Chambliss Pursues Softwood Lumber Case in Canada
Oct. 3, 2005 Chambliss Calls Top USDA Officials to Hearing on FSA Closings
Sept. 29, 2005 Chambliss-Isakson Hail Nomination of Timothy C. Batten to Serve as U.S. District Judge
Sept. 29, 2005 Chambliss Praises Confirmation of Judes John Roberts to Supreme Court
Sept. 28, 2005 Chambliss Praises Delivery of 50th F/A-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter to the United States Ait Force
Sept. 28, 2005 U. S. Grain Standards Act
Sept. 27, 2005 Chambliss Urges Federal Board to Delay Delta Pension Termination
Sept. 27, 2005 Executive Session
Sept. 27, 2005 The Washington Times Editorial - Revise the Tax Law
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