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Mark Sanford, Jr.'s Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (SC) - District 1, Republican
Date Title
Feb. 24, 2008 FOX News Sunday - Transcript
Feb. 13, 2008 Governor Sanford Calls for Income Tax Rate Cut of 50 Percent
Feb. 12, 2008 Governor Sanford: Fix DUI Bill on Senate Floor
Feb. 7, 2008 Gov. Sanford Praises Passage of Small Business Healthcare Bill
Feb. 4, 2008 Gov. Sanford: Undo Subcommittee's Amendments to DUI Laws
Feb. 4, 2008 Governor Sanford Signs Sumter Consolidation Bill
Jan. 28, 2008 Gov. Sanford Praises Passage of Small Business Healthcare Bill
Jan. 22, 2008 Gov. Sanford Issues Statement on Small Business Healthcare Bill
Jan. 22, 2008 Gov. Sanford Calls for Passage of 'First 30 Days' Agenda
Jan. 18, 2008 MSNBC - Transcript
Jan. 16, 2008 2008 State of the State Address
Jan. 10, 2008 Fox News "The Big Story" - Transcript
Dec. 6, 2007 State to Be Visited by Three Ghosts from "A Budget Carol"
Nov. 27, 2007 Governor Asks Court to Revisit Decision on Budget and Control Board
Oct. 31, 2007 Governor to Join Law Enforcement Officials, MADD to Push for Tougher Drunk Driving Laws
Oct. 29, 2007 Governor Sanford Issues Statement on Students' Deaths
Aug. 6, 2007 DOT Reforms Must Be Addressed Before More Funding Added
Aug. 3, 2007 Treasurer Vote Makes Mockery of Electoral Process
Aug. 2, 2007 Grants Reform Depends on Budget & Control Board Leadership
July 3, 2007 Governor Urges More Deliberation in Treasurer Race
June 29, 2007 Governor Sanford Issues Statement on Budget Vetoes
June 27, 2007 Governor Sanford Signs Department of Transportation Reform Bill
June 26, 2007 Governor Calls for Sustainable Spending
June 25, 2007 Governor Sanford Signs Workers' Compensation Reform Bill
June 21, 2007 Governor Issues Statement on Tax Relief Plan
June 19, 2007 Governor: DOT and Workers' Comp Reform, Tax Cuts a Must
June 19, 2007 Gov. Sanford Suspends Treasurer
June 15, 2007 Governor Sanford Signs Underage Drinking Bill
June 14, 2007 Letter to Mary Peters, United States Secretary of Transportation - Direct Flight Between Georgia and China
June 14, 2007 Governor Sanford Signs Continuing Resolution
June 13, 2007 Gov. Sanford Signs REAL ID Bill
June 12, 2007 Governor Sanford Signs Gang Prevention Act
June 11, 2007 Gov. Sanford Signs Coastal Insurance Bill
June 7, 2007 Governor Sanford to Senate: Stop Stalling and Ratify Bills
June 5, 2007 Governor Sanford, Speaker Harrell Call for Income Tax Cut
June 1, 2007 Governor Sanford, Legislators Call for Income Tax Relief
May 29, 2007 Gov. Sanford Calls for Passage of Immigration Reforms
May 29, 2007 Governor Thanks House for Appointing Conferees on Reform Bills
May 25, 2007 Governor, Solicitor Call for Passage of DUI Legislation
May 24, 2007 Governor: Adopt Amendment to Improve Open Enrollment Bill
May 23, 2007 Gov. Sanford Signs Priority Investment Act
May 23, 2007 Gov. Sanford Signs Priority Investment Act
May 22, 2007 Governor: Don't Let Opportunities for Tax Cuts, Other Reforms Pass By
May 17, 2007 Gov. Sanford Signs Virtual Schools Bill
May 16, 2007 MSNBC Tucker-Transcript
May 16, 2007 Governor Sanford Thanks House for Workers' Comp Reform
May 15, 2007 Governor Calls Senate Filibuster "A Mockery"
May 14, 2007 Governor Sanford: Open Enrollment Bill Needs Real Choices
May 8, 2007 Governor to Filibustering Senators: Read DOT Audit Report
May 4, 2007 Gov. Sanford, Sen. DeMint Call for Spending Slowdown
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