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2/29/04 CNN Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer - Transcript 2/24/04 Statement of Governor Romney on the Federal Marriage Amendment 2/11/04 Romney Statement Regarding Constitutional Convention 2/05/04 One Man, One Woman A Citizen's Guide To Protecting Marriage - Wall Street Journal Editorial 1/27/04 CNN Wolf Blitzer Reports - Transcript 1/15/04 State of the State Address 11/19/03 NBC: Today 11/19/03 ABC: Good Morning America 11/18/03 Statement By Governor Romney On SJC Decision On Gay Marriage 9/26/03 CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees - Transcript 6/30/03 Governor's Veto Message 6/02/03 Governor Romney's Testimony on an Act to Reform, Restructure, and Revitalize Government 5/15/03 Investing LN Homeland Security: Challenges Facing State and Local Governmnets 1/29/03 Governor Romney's Address to the State 1/29/03 Governor Romney's State of the State Address 1/18/02 Press Conference with U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft After Visiting the Salt Lake City Olympic Complex 2/03/00 National Press Club Newsmaker Luncheon with Mitt Romney, President and CEO, Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics Moderator Competing With Asia Simplifying The Tax System Defeating the Jihadists Stop Runaway Spending Affirming America's Culture And Values Issue Position: Job Creation - Smaller Government Issue Position: Job Creation - Economic Competitiveness Issue Position: Job Creation - Free Trade On Fair Terms Issue Position: Job Creation - Energy Security and Independence Issue Position: Job Creation - Training and Preparing America's Workers Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility - End Deficit Spending Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility - Entitlement Spending Issue Position: Health Care - ObamaCare Issue Position: Health Care - State leadership Issue Position: Health Care - Tax Reform Issue Position: Health Care - Regulatory Reform Issue Position: Medical Malpractice Reform Issue Position: Health Care - Market Forces Issue Position: Foreign Policy - A Strong Military Issue Position: Foreign Policy - Dynamic Diplomacy Issue Position: Foreign Policy - Steadfast Alliances Raising The Bar On Education Extending Health Insurance To All Americans Investing In Technology National Organization for Marriage: Marriage Pledge Achieving Energy Independence

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