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1/16/15 The Washington Post - Romney, Moving Toward 2016 Run, Outlines Vision to Eradicate Poverty 11/05/12 We Need a New Beginning 10/26/12 Remarks on the Economy 10/16/12 Remarks by the President and Governor Romney in Second Presidential Debate 10/09/12 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 10/06/12 Weekly Podcast on the Clear Choice in this Election 10/05/12 We Can Do Better than the President's Failed Policies 9/25/12 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 9/22/12 Mitt Romney Releases Weekly Podcast on Economic Policies that Foster Upward Mobility 9/20/12 President Obama has Failed in Enabling Upward Mobility for All 9/19/12 I'll Deliver Recovery, Not Dependency 9/18/12 Fox News "Your World with Cavuto" - Transcript 9/08/12 Weekly Podcast on President Obama's Failed Economic Record 9/06/12 The American People Want a Report on the President's Promises 9/05/12 Americans Recognize We Aren't Better Off than Four Years Ago 6/15/12 Remarks: New Hampshire 5/08/12 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript 4/24/12 National Journal - Romney: "A Better America Begins Tonight' 3/30/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks: "Freedom and Opportunity" 2/24/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks in Detroit, Michigan 2/22/12 Restore America's Promise: More Jobs, Less Debt, Smaller Government 2/07/12 Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks in Denver, Colorado 1/07/12 2012 ABC/Yahoo!/WMUR New Hampshire Republican Primary Debate 1/01/12 Issue Position: Spending 12/27/11 Mitt Delivers Remarks in Davenport, Iowa 10/18/11 CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate 10/02/11 Eagle Tribune - Mitt Romney Gets Down to Business 9/29/11 Here is How I Will Control Federal Spending 9/24/11 Mitt Weekly 9/12/11 CNN "CNN-Tea Party Republican Debate" - Transcript 9/07/11 Republican Debate at the Reagan Presidential Library 9/05/11 Blog: With the Right Leadership, Better Days Lie Ahead 8/11/11 The Washington Times - Romney Takes on Hecklers in Iowa 8/05/11 Blog: Time to Focus on Jobs 7/14/11 Union Leader - Romney Applauds NH Economy 7/14/11 Portsmouth Patch - Romney: Economy Needs More Free Enterprise 1/01/11 Issue Position: Cut, Cap, and Balance 12/14/10 USA Today - Romney: Tax Deal, Bad Deal 12/02/09 Mr. President, Here's How to Lift Our Economy 12/04/07 Union Leader - Romney to Give Speech on 'Faith in America' 10/26/07 The Romney Agenda: The Four Walls Of The Iowa Home 6/23/07 Helena Independent Record - Presidential Hopeful Touts Optimism, Reagan Values 4/06/06 ABC "Good Morning America" - Transcript 4/03/06 Romney Expands Care Options for Seniors, Disabled 6/30/05 Governor Romeny Signs into Law $23.8 Billion Budget for Fiscal Year '06 3/01/05 Judy Woodruff's Inside Politics - Transcript

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