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7/27/12 CNN "Piers Morgan Tonight" - Transcript 7/20/12 Mitt Romney: Ann and I Are Saddened by Today's Tragedy in Colorado 1/08/12 Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Endorses Mitt Romney 1/07/12 2012 ABC/Yahoo!/WMUR New Hampshire Republican Primary Debate 1/01/12 Issue Position: Cuba and Latin America 7/12/11 Mitt Romney Announces Support of New Hampshire County Attorneys 1/10/08 Republican Presidential Candidates Debate 11/28/07 CNN/You Tube Debate - Transcript 11/09/07 Governor Mitt Romney On The Confirmation Of Michael Mukasey 11/06/07 Governor Mitt Romney On The Nomination Of Michael Mukasey 10/21/07 Fox News "Republican Debate" - Transcript 9/22/07 Governor Mitt Romney's Remarks At The Mackinac Republican Leadership 9/05/07 Fox News Republican Presidential Candidates Debate- Transcript 8/09/07 FOX News Channel "Fox And Friends"-Transcript 7/16/07 Romney For President Launches New Television Ad, "Ocean" 7/13/07 The Four Walls Of The American Home 5/15/07 MSNBC GOP Debate-Transcript 5/03/07 MSNBC GOP Presidential Debate-Transcript 4/27/07 Portsmouth Herald - Romney's Plan 4/20/07 - sits down with Gov. Romney 4/16/07 Statement on The Tragedy at Virginia Tech 11/06/06 Romney Files Bill Requiring Warrent Entry for Serious Crimes 3/30/06 Romney Signs Bill to Crack Down on Gang Violence 1/05/06 Romney Files Bill to Protect Rights of Sexual Assault Victims 12/22/05 Romney Approves $11 Million Plan to Target Gang Violence 11/22/05 Romney Approves $11 Million Plan to Target Gang Violence 10/27/05 Romney Signs Bill to Track Released Criminals 8/24/05 Romney Announces Doubling of Space for State Crime Lab 6/01/05 Governor Romney Files Auto Insurance Reform Legislation 5/18/05 Romney Cracks Down on Identity Theft and Fraud 5/11/05 Romney Unveils Commonwealth's Anti-Terror Fusion Center 1/21/05 Romney Names NYC Deputy Medical Examiner as New Mass Chief 1/11/05 Romney Signs Bill to Protect Elders and the Disabled 9/26/03 CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees - Transcript 5/15/03 Investing LN Homeland Security: Challenges Facing State and Local Governmnets

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