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6/19/13 MARAD Report: Nation's Shipyards Support $36 Billion in Gross Domestic Product 4/12/13 Statement from Secretary LaHood on the New International Trade Crossing 3/25/13 FMCSA Orders Immediate Shut-Down of Bus Company Rimrock Stages; Declares Company to be an Imminent Hazard 3/22/13 FMCSA Orders Shutdown of Oklahoma Bus Company for Violating Consent Agreement 3/22/13 U.S. Department of Transportation Orders Shutdown of Michigan-based Highway Star, Inc. Trucking Company and Driver Involved in Fatal Crash 3/01/13 FMCSA Shuts Down Fung Wah Bus Transportation 10/01/12 DOT Fines British Airways for Violating Price Advertising, International Baggage Compensation Rules 8/31/12 U.S. Department of Transportation Orders Terri's Farm to Shut Down 8/29/12 DOT Fines Aerolineas Argentinas for Violating DOT Price Advertising Rule 8/20/12 U.S. Department of Transportation Fines JetBlue for Not Informing Passengers of Opportunity to Leave Aircraft During Delay at Gate 8/17/12 Obama Administration on Idle Earmark Projects: Use It or Lose It "We Can't Wait" Action Helps States Put People to Work, Improve Infrastructure 8/09/12 Airlines Set Records for First Half of 2012 in On-Time Performance, Fewest Cancellations and Tarmac Delays, Lowest Mishandled Baggage Rate 8/02/12 DOT Fines Three Companies for Violating DOT Airline Consumer Protection Rules 5/23/12 FMCSA Helps Consumers "Protect Your Move" with Moving Company Checklist 5/17/12 DOT Provides Guidance on Advertising of "Free" Airfares 3/01/12 DOT Fines Ticket Agent for Advertising, Code-Share Disclosure Violations 1/23/12 New Airline Passenger Protections Take Effect This Week 1/23/12 DOT Fines Two Airlines for Violating Price Advertising Rules 11/21/11 DOT Fines Spirit Airlines for Violating Price Advertising Rules 10/26/11 DOT Fines LAN Airlines for Violating Price Advertising Rules 8/30/11 DOT Fines JetBlue for Violating Price Advertising Rules 8/18/11 DOT Fines Ethiopian Airlines for Violating Price Advertising Rules 7/19/11 Obama Administration Has Stepped Up Action Against Unsafe Motorcoach, Trucking Companies 7/13/11 FMCSA Announces Redesigned "Protect Your Move" Website 7/06/11 Remarks as Prepared at Signing of United States-Mexico Cross Border Trucking Agreement 6/30/11 DOT Fines Ticket Agents for Violations of Code-Share Disclosure and Price Advertising Rules 6/29/11 Remarks as Prepared at Visit to General Motors 5/18/11 Global Travel and Tourism Summit 4/08/11 DOT Fines Ticket Agent for Violation of Code-Share Disclosure Rules 3/25/11 Remarks at Associated General Contractors of America Annual Convention, CONEXPO-CON/AGG Trade Show 3/09/11 Remarks as Prepared at World Affairs Council Global Education Gala 2/17/11 Delta Fined for Violating Rules Protecting Air Travelers with Disabilities 1/27/11 Remarks at Proterra Assembly Plant 10/05/10 More Stars, Safer Cars 8/31/10 DOT Updates "Fly Rights" Airline Consumer Guide 5/07/10 Proposed Rule Broadens DBE Program Inclusions, Requires Greater Accountability from Administering Agencies 4/15/10 USDOT's Maritime Administration Announces $14.7 Million in Grants to Help Small Business Shipyards 2/16/10 NHTSA Launches Probe Into Timeliness Of Three Toyota Recalls 12/17/09 DOT Receives "Unqualified Audit Opinion" in Financial Management 11/04/09 Hearing Of The Subcommittee On Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection and the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, And The Internet, Committee On Energy And Commerce of the U. S. House of Representatives - Driven To Distraction: Wireless Devices 9/23/09 Donovan Awards More Than $600 Million In Recovery Act Grants To Support Community Development And Job Growth 9/21/09 HUD Offers $10 Million To Clean Up Dangerous Lead In Housing 9/17/09 DOT Fines Spirit Airlines For Violations Of Consumer Rules 8/03/09 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 8/03/09 MSNBC "Hardball With Chris Matthews" - Transcript 7/27/09 Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Kicks-Off CARS Program, Encourages Consumers to Buy More Fuel Efficient Cars and Trucks 7/10/09 DOT Approves Star Alliance Plan to Add Continental, Establish Joint Venture 6/24/09 CARS Will Put Safer, Cleaner, More Fuel Efficient Vehicles on Road 4/29/09 Hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee - Recovery Act: 10-Week Progress Report for Transportation and Infrastructure Programs 4/24/09 U.S. DOT Announces New Consumer Program for Child Safety Seats

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