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9/18/14 Johanns Votes to Fund Government, Defeat ISIL 3/04/14 President's Budget is Election-Year Politics 2/24/14 Blog: The "More of the Same' Administration 1/20/14 Obama's Regulatory Machine 1/16/14 Johanns Opposes Trillion Dollar Approps Package 1/01/14 Issue Position: Appropriations 1/01/14 Issue Position: Focus on the Economy 12/17/13 Johanns Opposes Raising Spending Caps 10/16/13 Senators Urge Passage of Bipartisan Plan to Open Government and Avoid Default 10/14/13 Weekly Column: Uncle Sam's Credit Card 10/12/13 Default Prevention Act of 2013 10/01/13 Johanns Statement on Failure to Pass Temporary Funding Bill 9/27/13 Johanns Opposes Amended Continuing Resolution 9/09/13 Weekly Column: Taking Your Thoughts to Washington 7/30/13 Executive Session 7/25/13 Johanns Offers IRS Accountability Amendment, Repeats Demand for Fiscal Responsibility 6/20/13 Johanns Supports Fiscally Responsible Spending Caps 5/14/13 Letter to Senator Tom Harkin - Hearing on NLRB Budget Request 5/14/13 Letter to Senator Tom Harkin - Senate Republicans Call for Hearing on NLRB Budget Request 3/25/13 Weekly Column - Budget Values Mean More than Money 3/23/13 Johanns Rejects Dem Tax & Spend Budget 3/22/13 Johnson Offers Amendments to Protect Taxpayers 3/21/13 Concurrent Resolution on the Budget, Fiscal Year 2014 3/14/13 Johanns Statement on Senate Democrats' Budget 3/13/13 Senators Introduce Amendment To Protect Economy, Public Safety From Unnecessary Sequestration Furloughs 3/04/13 Weekly Column - Priorities are Key to Spending Reductions 2/28/13 Johanns Votes for Responsible Spending Reductions 2/13/13 Johanns Introduces Legislation Forcing EPA Transparency, Responsibility 2/12/13 Johanns Statement on President's Address 2/04/13 Johanns Statement on President Missing Budget Deadline 1/31/13 Johanns Statement on Debt Limit Vote 1/28/13 Weekly Column - Budget Needed to get Spending Back on Track 1/23/13 Johanns Cosponsors Earmark Elimination Act 1/07/13 Weekly Column: Resolutions for a New Year 12/07/12 Letter to President Obama - Debt Limit 12/03/12 Weekly Column: What to Expect from the Fiscal Cliff 9/04/12 Johanns Statement on Debt Surpassing $16 Trillion 8/22/12 Johanns Statement on CBO "Fiscal Cliff" Report 8/10/12 Norfolk Daily News: Johanns: Action needed soon on debt 7/25/12 Middle Class Tax Cut Act--Motion to Proceed 7/24/12 Middle Class Tax Cut Act--Motion to Proceed 5/17/12 Letter to Leader Reid 5/16/12 Johanns Votes to Advance Fiscally Responsible Budgets 5/15/12 Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act of 2012--Motion to Proceed 5/15/12 Harkin Joins Bipartisan Group of More Than 40 Senators in Urging Floor Action on Farm Bill 5/07/12 No Budget Demonstrates Lack of Leadership 4/05/12 Johanns Calls on President to Apologize for "Social Darwinism" Remarks 2/15/12 Johanns Introduces Amendment Stripping Earmark from Highway Bill 2/14/12 The Budget 2/13/12 Johanns' Statement on President's FY13 Budget

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