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5/11/08 CBS "Face The Nation" - Transcript 5/09/08 NBC "Today" - Transcript 1/30/08 Press Conference with Former Senator and Democrat Presidential Candidate John Edwards - Dropping Out of the 2008 Presidential Race 1/29/08 MSNBC "Morning Joe" - Transcript 1/28/08 Edwards Response To The State Of The Union Address 1/26/08 MSNBC "Decision 08" Interview - Transcript 1/25/08 Edwards Statement On 2007 Increase In Union Membership 1/24/08 Edwards Urges Senate Democrats to Filibuster FISA Bill 1/24/08 Edwards Statement on the Economic Stimulus Package Before Congress 1/23/08 At First Stop on "Back Roads, Back Home Barnstorm," Edwards Says he is the Most Committed to Fighting for the People of South Carolina 1/22/08 Edwards Outlines Economic Plan to put Needed Money in the Hands of Hard-Working South Carolinians and All Americans 1/22/08 Edwards Statement On The 35th Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade 1/21/08 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 1/20/08 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript 1/19/08 On Day Three of Coast to Coast Tour, Edwards Brings Fight for the Middle Class to Georgia 1/19/08 Edwards Brings Fight for the Middle Class to Missouri as Part of Three-Day 1/18/08 Edwards Statement On President Bush's Remarks On The Economy 1/17/08 Edwards Stands up to Bill O'Reilly on Behalf of Homeless Veterans 1/17/08 Edwards Highlights Plan to Stand up to Big Drug and Insurance Companies and Guarantee Health Care to Every American 1/17/08 Today: Edwards to Launch Coast to Coast Tour 1/16/08 Edwards Discusses Bold Plans to Strengthen our Economy and Help Hard-Working Families 1/16/08 NPR "All Things Considered" - Transcript 1/15/08 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 1/14/08 On Day Four Of "Bringing It Home" Bus Tour, Edwards Discusses Bold Plan To Protect The Environment And Fight Global Warming 1/12/08 At Town Hall Meetings In Barnwell And Aiken, Edwards Introduces Plan To End Poverty In South Carolina Within A Generation 1/11/08 Edwards Launches Four-Day "Bringing It Home" South Carolina Bus Tour 1/11/08 During "Bringing It Home" South Carolina Bus Tour, Edwards Discusses Plans To Guarantee Opportunity For All Americans 1/10/08 Edwards Statement On Governor Richardson 1/08/08 Post-Primary New Hampshire Primary Remarks 1/06/08 ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" - Transcript 1/06/08 Edwards Reacts To Clinton Campaign Tasteless Attacks 1/05/08 Democratic Presidential Debate 1/04/08 NBC "Today" - Transcript 1/04/08 CBS "Early Show" - Transcript 1/04/08 Edwards Congratulates Obama, Thanks Biden And Dodd 1/04/08 Edwards: Granite Staters Must Decide Who Will Fight To Save The Middle Class 1/03/08 CBS "Early Show" - Transcript 1/03/08 Edwards: Status Quo Lost, Change Won 1/03/08 NBC "Today" - Transcript 1/03/08 Post-Iowa Caucus Remarks 1/02/08 My Plan to Stop Corporate Abuses 1/02/08 Edwards: When You Rise Up And Take This Country Back For The Middle Class You Will Be Unstoppable 1/02/08 ABC "Good Morning America" - Transcript 1/02/08 Edwards Statement On The Price Of Oil Reaching $100 A Barrel 12/31/07 NBC "Today" - Transcript 12/31/07 CBS "Early Show" - Transcript 12/30/07 Edwards: Fighting Corporate Greed Will Rally Democrats, Republicans, And Independents 12/30/07 Union Leader - John Edwards: America Rising 12/30/07 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript 12/29/07 Edwards' Major Announcement: I Will Ban Corporate Lobbyists And Foreign Government Lobbyists From My White House

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