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John Edwards' Public Statements

Date Title
Dec. 28, 2007 CNBC "Kudlow & Company" - Transcript
Dec. 27, 2007 Edwards Comments On Pakistan And The Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto
Dec. 27, 2007 MSNBC "Hardball" - Transcript
Dec. 23, 2007 Edwards Responds To Giuliani's Attack On Economic Stimulus Plan
Dec. 22, 2007 Edwards Responds To Senator Obama's Attacks
Dec. 22, 2007 Edwards: Stop These Ads
Dec. 22, 2007 Edwards Unveils Stimulus Plan To Strengthen Economy And Create New Jobs
Dec. 21, 2007 In Major Speech, Edwards Outlines Vision To Ensure A Safer, More Prosperous Future For America's Children
Dec. 20, 2007 Edwards Statement On New Orleans City Council Vote To Approve Demolition Of Public Housing
Dec. 20, 2007 Edwards Statement On Clinton Accepting His Challenge To Raise The Minimum Wage To $9.50 An Hour
Dec. 19, 2007 On Day Two Of Graniteroots Tour, Edwards Outlines Middle Class Rising Agenda
Dec. 18, 2007 NBC "Today" - Transcript
Dec. 18, 2007 MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" - Transcript
Dec. 16, 2007 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript
Dec. 16, 2007 ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" - Transcript
Dec. 16, 2007 Edwards Delivers Major Speech On Lifting Up America's Middle Class
Dec. 15, 2007 Edwards Highlights Declaration Of Independence For Older Americans On Day Six Of The Main Street Express Bus Tour
Dec. 14, 2007 CBS "Early Show" - Transcript
Dec. 14, 2007 Edwards Unveils Young Families Rising Agenda To Help The Next Generation Of Americans Build A Better Future
Dec. 13, 2007 Des Moines Register Presidential Debate - Democrats
Dec. 12, 2007 Edwards Campaign Statement In Anticipation Of Republican Debate
Dec. 12, 2007 Edwards Statement On Bush's Veto Of Children's Health Care Legislation
Dec. 12, 2007 On Day Three Of The Main Street Express Tour, Edwards Unveils Aggressive Agenda To Keep Communities Safe
Dec. 11, 2007 Edwards Statement On Hud Plan To Begin Demolishing Public Housing In New Orleans This Week
Dec. 10, 2007 Edwards: We Will Right The Wrongs, Make Our Nation The Way We Want It To Be – That's America Rising
Dec. 10, 2007 Edwards Statement On Gore Receiving The Nobel Peace Prize
Dec. 8, 2007 On 14th Anniversary Of NAFTA, Edwards Condemns Failed Trade Policies That Hurt Workers And Families
Dec. 7, 2007 Today, Senator John Edwards Released the Following Statement on the CIA's Destruction of Interrogation Tapes:
Dec. 7, 2007 Candidate Pledges Support for International Climate Change Effort
Dec. 7, 2007 John Edwards Announces Bold Policy To Prevent Health Insurance Company Abuses And Protect American Families
Dec. 7, 2007 African-American Leaders Discuss Edwards' "Plan For Opportunity For All Americans"
Dec. 6, 2007 Edwards Statement On Global Warming Legislation In The Senate
Dec. 6, 2007 At Historic Voter Engagement Event, Edwards Tells 1000 High School Students To Strive For Greatness And Help Build A Better America
Dec. 5, 2007 John and Elizabeth Statement on Omaha Shooting
Dec. 5, 2007 Edwards Unveils Bold New Proposals To Restore The American Dream Of Homeownership
Dec. 4, 2007 Edwards Statement On President Bush's Remarks On Iran
Dec. 4, 2007 Transcript: NPR Democratic Candidates' Debate
Dec. 4, 2007 NBC "Today" - Transcript
Dec. 4, 2007 Edwards Outlines Plan To Help Students Pay For College And Reduce Student Debt
Dec. 4, 2007 Edwards Statement On Senate Vote On Peru Trade Deal
Dec. 3, 2007 Edwards Statement On New National Intelligence Estimate On Iran
Dec. 2, 2007 Edwards Outlines Plan To Take On Abusive Lenders And Help Increase Families' Savings
Dec. 1, 2007 Edwards Statement In Commemoration Of World Aids Day
Nov. 30, 2007 Edwards Delivers Remarks At DNC Fall Meeting
Nov. 30, 2007 Senator John Edwards Statement On The Situation At The Hillary Clinton Campaign Office In Rochester, New Hampshire
Nov. 30, 2007 Senator John Edwards Statement On Safe Resolution Of Situation At Hillary Clinton Campaign Office In Rochester, New Hampshire
Nov. 29, 2007 Edwards Calls For Smart And Safe Trade Policies That Keep American Families Safe From Dangerous Imports
Nov. 29, 2007 Edwards Statement On How His Health Care Plan Differs From Those Of Obama And Clinton
Nov. 28, 2007 Edwards Statement On Health Care Mandate
Nov. 28, 2007 Edwards Campaign Statement On Romney "Two Americas" Attack In GOP Debate
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