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Candice Miller's Public Statements on Issue: Immigration

Date Title
June 23, 2016 Rep. Miller on Supreme Court's Immigration DecisionRep. Miller on Supreme Court's Immigration Decision
June 10, 2016 Letter to the Hon. Thomas Perez, Secretary of the Department of Labor and the Hon. León Rodriguez, Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services - Address H-2A Agriculture Worker Delays
April 3, 2016 Rep. Miller on DHS' Implementation of E-Passport Requirement
March 22, 2016 Rep. Miller on Attacks in Brussels
March 17, 2016 House Passes Resolution to Defend Congress' Constitutional Authority
Feb. 18, 2016 McCaul, Miller on Further Travel Restrictions for Visa Waiver Program
Jan. 28, 2016 Letter to the Hon. Barack Obama, President of the United States - Visa Waiver Program
Jan. 22, 2016 McCaul, Miller Statement on Administration's Visa Waiver Program Implementation
Dec. 24, 2015 Letter to the Hon. John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State and the Hon. Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security - Don't Abuse Visa Waiver Law
Dec. 23, 2015 Letter to the Hon. John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State and the Hon. Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security - Don't Abuse Visa Waiver Law
Dec. 8, 2015 Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015
Nov. 20, 2015 Miller: House Visa Waiver Legislation Will Help DHS Stop Terrorists from Traveling to U.S.
Nov. 19, 2015 Miller on House Passage of the American SAFE Act
Nov. 18, 2015 Rep. Miller Says Legislation on Visa Waiver and Preclearance Programs Critical to Stopping Foreign Fighters from Reaching U.S. Soil
Nov. 16, 2015 Rep. Miller Questioned Administration's Plan for Syrian Refugees Back in January
Nov. 15, 2015 Rep. Miller on Gov. Snyder's Decision to Suspend Efforts to Bring Syrian Refugees to MI
Nov. 14, 2015 Rep. Miller Cautions Against President's Plan to Close Gitmo and Increase U.S. Admittance of Syrian Refugees
Nov. 10, 2015 Rep. Miller Applauds Appeals Court Ruling Blocking Obama's Amnesty Action
Sept. 29, 2015 New Homeland Task Force Report Underscores Need to Address Serious Security Threats Posed by Foreign Fighters
Sept. 28, 2015 Rep. Miller Cosponsors Legislation to Increase Security and Scrutiny Over Syrian Refugee Resettlement Program
Sept. 9, 2015 Rep. Miller on Administration's Intention to Increase Number of Syrian Refugees Allowed into U.S.
Aug. 6, 2015 Rep. Miller on DHS Efforts to Address Growing Threat of Foreign Fighters
July 23, 2015 House Passes Bill to Block Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities
June 2, 2015 Rep. Miller on DHS's International Security Efforts
May 26, 2015 Rep. Miller on Appeals Court Ruling Blocking President's Amnesty Action
April 8, 2015 Rep. Miller Applauds District Judge's Decision to Maintain Injunction on Obama's Amnesty Action
Feb. 25, 2015 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, and Steve Scalise, Majority Whip of the House of Representatives - Executive Action on Immigration
Feb. 18, 2015 Rep. Candice Miller on U.S.-Canadian Agreement to Build U.S. Customs Plaza at New Detroit River Bridge
Feb. 13, 2015 Letter to Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader - Debate Blocking
Jan. 22, 2015 Rep. Miller: Time to Act on Border Security is Now
Jan. 19, 2015 Rep. Miller Cosponsors House Bill to Secure U.S. Borders
Jan. 14, 2015 Miller Votes to Defund President's Unconstitutional Amnesty Action
Dec. 4, 2014 Miller Votes for Legislation to Stop Executive Action on Immigration
Dec. 2, 2014 Rep. Miller Questions DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson about Presidential Amnesty
Nov. 21, 2014 Rep. Miller Reinforces Need to Pass Legislation to Strengthen Border Security
Nov. 21, 2014 Rep. Miller Reinforces Need to Pass Legislation to Strengthen Border Security
Nov. 20, 2014 Rep. Miller: President's Action Shows Complete Disregard for Will of American People
Nov. 3, 2014 Rep. Candice Miller on DHS Decision to Collect Additional Information from Foreign Visa Waiver Applicants to Improve Counterterrorism Efforts
Oct. 15, 2014 Rep. Miller Calls for Suspension of Travel Visas from Impacted Areas of West Africa until Ebola Outbreak Is Under Control
Aug. 14, 2014 The Detriot News - House Republicans Have an Immigration Plan
July 28, 2014 United States Customs and Border Protection Authorization Act
July 28, 2014 House Passes Legislation to Authorize Customs and Border Protection
July 22, 2014 Rep. Miller on Gov. Rick Perry's Call on National Guard to Secure U.S.-Mexico Border
July 17, 2014 Rep. Miller Cosponsors Bill Prohibiting HHS from Housing Illegal Unaccompanied Children in Non-Federal Facilities without Consulting State and Local Leaders
July 16, 2014 Rep. Miller Questions CBP on Status of BWB Plaza Expansion
July 11, 2014 Letter to Sylvia Burwell, Department of Health & Human Services - Housing Migrant Children in MI
July 11, 2014 House Homeland Security Committee Schedule for July 14-18, 2014
July 10, 2014 Rep. Miller Says President's Decision to Engage National Guard in Border Crisis Should Not Hinge on Congress' Approval of His $3.7 Billion Request; Says He Has The Resources and Responsibility to Do it Now
July 9, 2014 The Macomb Daily - Miller Blasts Obama on Refugee Crisis
July 8, 2014 Rep. Miller on Obama's Request For $3.7 Billion to Address Surge of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children
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