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11/13/14 Letter to the United States Olympic Committee - Los Angeles Olympics Bid 11/13/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Executive Action on Immigration 10/15/14 Letter to C. Duane Dauner, President and CEO of the California Hospital Association, and Erica Murray, President and CEO of the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems - Ensuring California Hospitals are Prepared to Handle Ebola 10/02/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Highlights Domestic Violence Awareness Month 10/02/14 Letter to Michael Peevey, President of the California Public Utilities Commission - Listen to Chino and Ontario Residents' Concerns 9/18/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House - Don't Cancel Votes Sept. 29 -- Oct. 2 9/18/14 Letter to Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors Inc. - Bring Gigafactory to California 9/12/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Statement on 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps 9/11/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod 9/11 Statement 8/29/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Labor Day Statement 8/28/14 35th Congressional District Students Make Contact with International Space Station 8/13/14 Letter to Jerry Brown, Governor of California - Approval of the California Film and Television Tax Credit 8/07/14 Letter to Thomas Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture - Enforcement of Horse Protection Act 7/31/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives - House Should Stay in Session to Address Budget and Other Pressing Issues 7/30/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Calls on House Agriculture Committee to Examine the Food Stamp Program 7/25/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Votes Against Legislation That Negatively Impacts College Students 7/16/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Votes to Expand STEM Education 7/16/14 Newsletter: July 2014 7/15/14 Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014 7/14/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Urges Congress to Find a Long Term Fix to the Highway Trust Fund 7/10/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Praises Passage of Job-Training Programs Bill 7/03/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Fourth of July Statement 7/02/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Signing of Civil Rights Act 7/02/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Letter on Iraq Action 6/27/14 Letter to Ken Chiro Sasae, Ambassador of Japan to the United States - Kono Statement Report 6/26/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House - 163 Members of Congress Demand a Vote, Not Silence, to Prevent Gun Violence 6/26/14 Women Leaders In Congress Condemn Year of Inaction 6/24/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod: Support Export-Import Bank to Support U.S. Jobs 6/20/14 Letter to Slcan Gibson, Department of Veterans Affairs - Sexual Assault Claims 6/20/14 Letter to Sloan Gibson, Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs - VA Care for Victims of Sexual Assault 6/20/14 Letter to Carolyn Colvin, Commissioner of Social Security Administration - Reconsideration of SSA Decisions 6/19/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Commemorates Juneteenth 6/13/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Calls On House Veterans Committee To Work Together Amidst VA Scandal 6/12/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Praises President's Executive Order To Address Student Loan Debt 6/12/14 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State, and Michael Froman, U.S. Trade Representative - End Trade Negotiations with Brunei 5/29/14 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State - Human Rights Abuses in Honduras 5/29/14 Letter to Michael Froman, Ambassador Office of the US Trade Representative - Protect Workers' Rights in TPP Negotiations 5/28/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Leads on Cleaning Groundwater 5/27/14 Letter to Eric Shinseki, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs - VA Audit Concerns 5/27/14 Letter to Ashley Higgins, United States Department of Education - Gainful Employment Rule 5/09/14 Letter to Thomas J. Vilsack, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Michael Froman, US Trade Representative - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 5/09/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States, and Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the United Nations - Requesting Additional Sanctions On Boko Haram to the Administration 5/01/14 Exports Matter: The World Wants What We Make 4/14/14 Letter to Penny Pritzker, Secretary US Department of Commerce - Advanced Manufacturing in Southern California 4/10/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Votes Against Ryan Budget 4/09/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House - Immediate Vote on Unemployment Insurance Deal 4/08/14 Rep. Negrete McLeod Calls for Equal Pay for Women 4/07/14 Letter to Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security - No Fly Lists 4/04/14 Letter to Harold Rogers, Nita Lowey, Jack Kingston, and Rosa DeLauro - Increase Funding for the National Institutes of Health 4/04/14 Letter to Jack Kingston, Chairman and Rosa DeLauro, Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Labor for Health and Human Services and Education - Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Funding

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