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Marco Rubio's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (FL) - Jr, Republican
Date Title
March 10, 2016 Rubio Joins Senators In Introducing Resolution On Detaining ISIL Fighters In Guantanamo
March 10, 2016 Senators Introduce Resolution to Detain ISIL Fighters in Guantanamo
March 10, 2016 CNN/Transcript of Republican Debate in Miami
March 4, 2016 Letter to Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States - Transparency Regarding Federal Funding Of Planned Parenthood, Affiliates
March 3, 2016 Eleventh GOP Primary Debate
Feb. 25, 2016 CNN/Telemundo GOP Candidates Debate
Feb. 23, 2016 President Obama's "Plan' to Close Guantanamo Bay Is Dangerous
Feb. 23, 2016 Marco Has Fought to Defend Traditional Marriage and Strong Families
Feb. 23, 2016 Burr, Ayotte, Cotton, Rubio Introduce Bill to Stop Obama from Turning Over Gitmo Naval Base to Cuba
Feb. 22, 2016 ABC News "This Week" - Transcript: I'd Pay Them to Keep Playing My Indictment of President Obama
Feb. 22, 2016 Marco Issues Statement on Lunar New Year
Feb. 22, 2016 Marco: "Rand Is a True Believer, and I Respect That'
Feb. 22, 2016 Fox News, "Fox and Friends" - Transcript: Marco: "We're Going to Win This Nomination'
Feb. 20, 2016 Marco's Tribute to Justice Scalia
Feb. 18, 2016 Rubio-Sponsored U.S.-Jordan Defense Cooperation Act Signed Into Law
Feb. 17, 2016 CNN - RUSH Transcript: Senator Marco Rubio//CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall Greenville, SC
Feb. 14, 2016 Marco Has an Amazing Answer about His Faith for an Emotional Supporter in South Carolina
Feb. 13, 2016 Marco's Statement On Justice Antonin Scalia's Passing
Feb. 13, 2016 Transcript of the Republican Presidential Debate
Feb. 12, 2016 Fox News "The O'Reilly Factor"- Transcript: Marco Rubio on His South Carolina Strategy
Feb. 10, 2016 Rubio Supports North Korea Sanctions And Policy Enhancement Act
Feb. 9, 2016 Senators Applaud Electrify Africa Bill Becoming Law
Feb. 8, 2016 CBS "This Morning" - Transcript: Fact: Marco Will Repeatedly Tell The Truth About Barack Obama
Feb. 8, 2016 Cardin, Senators Applaud Electrify Africa Bill Becoming Law
Feb. 8, 2016 Letter to Chairman Jim Inhofe, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Ranking Member Barbara Boxer, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Chairman Bill Shuster, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and Ranking Member Peter DeFazio, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee - Authorize CEPP to Send Water South
Feb. 6, 2016 Watch: Marco Slams Obama's Latest Plan to Hike Energy Taxes
Feb. 6, 2016 Fox News "Greta Van-Sustren" - Transcript: Marco Explains Why He's the Candidate Democrats Fear Most
Feb. 6, 2016 Transcript of the New Hampshire GOP Debate, Annotated
Feb. 1, 2016 Fox News "The O'Reilly Factor"- Transcript: Marco Rubio Explains His Stance on Illegal Immigration
Feb. 1, 2016 Good Morning America, ABC - "Marco Makes Last Pitch to Undecided Iowa Caucus Goer on National TV"
Jan. 28, 2016 Transcript of the Main Republican Presidential Debate
Jan. 28, 2016 This Election Is About Defeating Hillary Clinton and About Saving What Makes America Unique
Jan. 28, 2016 Marco Successfully Fought Cap and Trade in Florida
Jan. 26, 2016 Fox News "On the Record" - Transcript: Marco Talks About Joni Ernst Joining Him on the Trail
Jan. 26, 2016 Marco's Statement on Cruz and Trump Debate Theatrics
Jan. 26, 2016 Rubio Condemns Latest Obama Concessions To Castro Regime
Jan. 22, 2016 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript: Marco: I'm the Best Conservative to Beat Hillary
Jan. 20, 2016 Quad City Times - Rubio: A Pledge to Defend the Unborn
Jan. 18, 2016 Fox News "The O'Reilly Factor"- Transcript: Marco Rubio Breaks Down the GOP Debate
Jan. 16, 2016 Powerful New Marco Ad: "Life'
Jan. 16, 2016 No Amnesty, Secure Our Borders, and Defund Sanctuary Cities
Jan. 15, 2016 Fox News "Fox and Friends" - Transcript: Marco: We Need a Conservative Leader, Not Political Calculation
Jan. 14, 2016 Marco on New Gitmo Releases: The President Needs to Stop Putting His Legacy above America's Safety
Jan. 14, 2016 Sixth Republican Presidential Debate
Jan. 13, 2016 Marco: Iran Must Release U.S. Sailors Immediately
Jan. 13, 2016 Marco on ISIS: "They Are the Best Funded, Best Organized, and Fastest Growing Terrorist Threat in the History of the World'
Jan. 12, 2016 Why Marco Supports Auditing the Fed
Jan. 12, 2016 Issue Position: Stand Against ISIS!
Jan. 11, 2016 Marco's Address On Growing The Economy Without New Taxes
Jan. 8, 2016 Fox News "Fox and Friends" - Transcript: 'Marco: Hillary Clinton Is "Architect of Leading From Behind'
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