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Office: U.S. Secretary of Energy, Republican
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5/09/07 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry Regarding the Passage of HJR 90: 5/08/07 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks Announcement of Decision Regarding HB 1098 5/02/07 Gov. Perry Urges Legislators to Support Fiscal Responsibility 5/01/07 The Houston Chronicle - Perry: Banning Pistols Isn't the Answer 4/30/07 Statement from Gov. Rick Perry on the passage of HB 3678, the Religious Viewpoint Anti-Discrimination Act: 4/30/07 Gov. Perry and HHS Secretary Leavitt Discuss Issues Raised By Virginia Tech Tragedy 4/27/07 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry regarding HB 1892: 4/24/07 Gov. Perry Announces Border Security Surge Operations' Continued Success 4/20/07 Gov. Perry Visits Colonias in El Paso 4/19/07 Gov. Perry Encourages Texans to Honor a Day of Mourning 4/13/07 Gov. Perry Asks TSU Regents to Resign; Calls for Conservatorship 4/11/07 Gov. Perry Joins State Legislators and Families in Support of the Religious Viewpoint Anti-Discrimination Act 4/11/07 Gov. Perry Praises Progress of Statewide Radio Communications Capabilities 3/27/07 Gov. Perry Signs Law Allowing Texans to Protect Themselves 3/23/07 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks 41st Legislative Conference - Texan of the Year Presentation 3/14/07 Perry Proposes Single Commissioner Structure for Youth Commission 3/12/07 Gov. Perry Orders Special Election on Property Tax Relief for Elderly and Disabled 3/12/07 Perry to Visit Middle East to Dedicate Texas A&M Engineering Facility 3/05/07 Perry Gives TYC Legislation Emergency Status 3/05/07 Letter to The Honorable Dianne Feinstein and The Honorable John Cornyn 3/02/07 Perry Appoints TYC Special Master, Orders Rehabilitation Plan 2/26/07 Statement by Gov. Perry on TXU Purchase 2/25/07 FOX Fox News Sunday-Transcript 2/23/07 Gov. Rick Perry Signs SCR 20 2/22/07 Gov. Perry Joins Leaders in Cancer Research and Technology to Champion Cancer Research Initiative 2/14/07 Gov. Perry Launches 4th Annual Texas Round-Up 2/13/07 Perry: First High-Intensity Phase of Operation Wrangler Made Texas Safer 2/08/07 Perry: Selling the State Lottery a Good Deal for Texas 2/06/07 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's State-of-the-State Address 2/05/07 Statement of Gov. Rick Perry on HPV Vaccine Executive Order 2/02/07 Gov. Perry Establishes HPV Vaccination Program for Young Women 2/01/07 Gov. Perry Calls for Higher Education Reforms 1/29/07 Gov. Perry Announces Budget Plans for Clean Air Standards 1/29/07 Perry Orders Creation of Criminal Justice Analysis Center 1/29/07 Gov. Perry Proposes $50 Million Disaster Contingency Fund 1/29/07 Gov. Perry Outlines Budget Reform Measures 1/26/07 Gov. Perry and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Leavitt Discuss Restructuring Medicaid 1/24/07 Gov. Perry Emphasizes Need for Additional Border Security 1/23/07 Perry Praises Appraisal Reform Plan 1/22/07 Gov. Perry Announces FEMA Housing Aid Extension 1/22/07 Gov. Perry Announces Phase II of State-Led Border Security Operation 1/16/07 Perry Calls on Texans to "Imagine the Possibilities" 1/12/07 Perry Designates Property Tax Relief for Senior Citizens, Tax Rebates Emergency Items for Legislature 1/08/07 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Comptroller Combs' Biennial Revenue Estimate 12/29/06 Gov. Perry Declares Tuesday, January 2, a Day of Mourning for President Ford 12/06/06 Perry Addresses Border Issues at Annual Conference 11/14/06 Gov. Perry Announces Council to Ensure Continued Economic Growth 11/08/06 Statement from Gov. Perry on Nomination of Gates as Secretary of Defense 10/25/06 Press Release - Perry: Bell a Tax Hiking Liberal Texans Can't Afford 10/17/06 Press Release - Perry: Border Security Operations Are Unparalleled Success

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