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Office: U.S. Secretary of Energy, Republican
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7/02/15 Economic Opportunity for All Americans 6/26/15 Statement by Gov. Perry on SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling 8/13/14 FOX "Your World with Neil Cavuto" - Transcript: Border Crisis 4/24/14 FOX "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript: Private Property Rights, Promoting a Favorable Business Climate, and Immigration 8/22/13 Gov. Perry Statement on Dept. of Justice Lawsuits 3/05/13 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript: Immigration and Spending 8/13/12 Statement by Gov. Perry on Court Ruling Regarding Texas' Flexible Permitting Program 6/28/12 Statement by Gov. Perry on Congressional Vote to Hold AG Holder in Contempt 6/15/12 Statement by Gov. Perry on Obama Administration's Immigration Announcement 5/11/12 USAF Decision Puts Gulf Coast Lives in Danger 3/28/12 Statement by Gov. Perry on Federal Court Ruling Directing EPA to Reconsider Disapproval of Texas Permitting Process 3/12/12 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Justice Department Rejecting Texas' Voter ID Law 1/08/12 Perry Champions Conservative Tea Party Mantle to Overhaul Washington, Shrink Government and Spark Jobs as Only Non-D.C./Non-Wall Street Candidate 12/09/11 Gov. Rick Perry on NLRB Announcement 7/28/11 Gov. Perry Urges Texans to Prepare for Tropical Storm Don 7/07/11 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on New EPA Emissions Regulations 6/17/11 Statements About SB 1285, SB 1286 and HB 3033 6/03/11 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Federal Judge Banning Prayer at Texas High School Graduation 4/08/11 Gov. Perry: Innovators Need Freedom to Solve Our Energy Challenges 2/25/11 Gov. Perry Announces Formation of Task Force on Unfunded Mandates to Identify Burdensome Mandates on Local Governments 1/01/11 Issue Position: Fundamental Spending Reform 12/09/10 Health Reform Report - States Need Freedom to Solve Healthcare Challenges 12/03/10 Gov. Perry: Essential Constitutional Values Will Keep our Nation on Track 12/03/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Future of Medicaid in Texas 12/03/10 Gov. Perry's Remarks at the ALEC 2010 States and Nation Policy Summit 10/12/10 Gov. Perry Appeals Denial of Presidential Disaster Declaration for 13 Texas Counties 10/11/10 Gov. Perry: Sound Policies Keep Texas' Jobs and Economy on Top 10/06/10 Gov. Perry Speaks at Clean Carbon Policy Summit 8/31/10 Gov. Perry Announces School Savings Incentive 8/23/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Bullets from Juarez Striking El Paso Building 8/12/10 Gov. Perry Speaks at the 7th Annual West Texas Legislative Summit 8/11/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Texas Challenge of Offshore Drilling Moratorium 8/10/10 Gov. Perry: Border Sheriffs are Our First Line of Defense 7/30/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Federal Proposals To Take Over Oil and Gas Exploration and Production 7/26/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Gen. Abbott Filing Suit Against EPA 7/17/10 Texas Governor Rick Perry On Arizona Immigration Lawsuit 7/14/10 Statement by Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Attorney General's Amicus Brief in U.S. v. State of Arizona Case 6/03/10 Texas Air Program Should Be Copied, Not Obstructed 6/02/10 Gov. Perry: EPA Action Would Kill Texas Jobs, Derail Air Quality Progress 6/01/10 Gov. Perry: Texas is a National Leader in College- and Career- Readiness; Will Not Apply for Second Round of Federal Race to the Top Funding 5/28/10 Gov. Perry: EPA's Actions will Undermine Texas' Environmental and Economic Successes 5/26/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on EPA's Efforts to Take Over Texas' Air Permitting Program 3/23/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Texas' Legal Challenge of Federal Health Care Bill 3/22/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Next Steps after Passage of Federal Health Care Bill 3/21/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Passage of Federal Health Care Bill 3/12/10 Statement by Gov. Perry on Recent Reports of a Mexican Helicopter Incursion into Texas 3/10/10 Gov. Perry Supports Congressional Efforts to Block Misguided EPA Endangerment Findings 2/16/10 Texas Takes Legal Action Against Federal Government Over EPA CO2 Mandates 2/03/10 Gov. Perry: Innovation and Cooperation are Essential Elements to Keeping Our Citizens Safe 2/03/10 Gov. Perry Thanks Law Enforcement Officers for Their Service

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