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9/30/10 BARRETT: DEMS WASTE OPPORTUNITY TO RESTORE FISCAL RESTRAINT 8/10/10 Barrett Named Taxpayer Hero 8/10/10 Federal Spending Sprees Will Not Put Americans Back to Work 7/28/10 Barrett Statement on Arizona Immigration Law Ruling 7/27/10 We Need to Ensure our Troops have the Resources They Necessary to Succeed 7/22/10 Barrett Statement on Unemployment Compensation Extension Act 7/01/10 Barrett: Dems Use Troop Fundint to Push Political Agenda 6/30/10 Barrett: H.R. 4173 Will Restrict Economic Growth and Hinder American Prosperity 6/22/10 CNN "American Morning" - Transcript 5/28/10 Barrett: Massive Deficit Increases and Spending Sprees Will Not Create More American Jobs-It Will Destry Them 5/28/10 Barrett Votes Against Changes to Don't Ask Don't Tell 5/20/10 Barrett Files Resolution in Support of Arizona's Immigration Law 5/19/10 Barrett Defends Arizona's Immigration Law 5/05/10 Letter to Robert Gates, Secretary of the US Department of Defense - National Day of Prayer 4/22/10 Barrett Calls On President To Denounce Vat 3/25/10 Barrett Blasts Democrats' Continued Attempts At A Government Takeover Of Health Care 3/24/10 Barrett Battles Democrats, Job-Killing Legislation 3/24/10 Barrett Calls On Congress To Repeal Obamacare 3/23/10 Bipartisan Coalition Introduces House Resolution Of Disapproval On Yucca Decision 3/23/10 Barrett Stands Up For Small Businesses 3/23/10 Barrett Will Fight To Repeal Obamacare 3/23/10 Barrett Will Fight To Repeal Obamacare 3/23/10 Opposition To H.R. 4849 3/21/10 Barrett: Dem Health Care Bill Will Jeopardize American Jobs 3/20/10 Barrett: Health Care Bill Will Put Job Creation On Life Support 3/19/10 Stop Government Takeover Of Health Care 3/18/10 Barrett: Obama And Pelosi Play Games With America's Health Care 3/12/10 Barrett Urges Congressional Democrats To Support Earmark Moratorium 3/10/10 Congressman Barrett Supports One Year Moratorium On Earmarks 3/04/10 Barrett: More Taxing And More Spending Will Not Put Americans Back To Work 3/01/10 Barrett: President's Decision To Close Yucca Mountain Project 2/17/10 Barrett: What Has The Stimulus Created? More Debt, Not More Jobs 2/04/10 Barrett: Democrats Put Fiscal Responsibility On The Backburner 2/01/10 Barrett: President Fails To Back Up His Tough Talk From The State Of The Union 1/27/10 Barrett Statement On The State Of The Union Address 1/22/10 Barrett: Closing GITMO Is Not In Our Nation's Best Interests 1/22/10 Barrett Statement On The March For Life Rally In Washington, DC 1/05/10 Barrett To Update And Reintroduce The S.T.E.P. Act 1/05/10 The STEP Act: Strengthening Our National Security 12/30/09 Barrett Calls For Comprehensive Review Of National Security Policy 12/16/09 Barrett Statement On Department Of Defense Appropriations Act Of 2010 12/16/09 Barrett: America Needs More Jobs, Not More Debt 12/15/09 Barrett Responds To President's Decision To Transfer Terrorist Detainees To The U.S. 12/11/09 Barrett: H.R. 4173 Will Destroy Jobs And Hinder Economic Growth 12/11/09 Barrett Votes To End The Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) 12/08/09 Barrett: Unused Tarp Money Should Pay Down National Debt, Not Fund Pet Projects 12/02/09 Barrett: We Need To Focus On Creating A Stable Afghanistan, Not An Exit Strategy 11/19/09 Barrett Takes Action To Force Vote On Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act 11/19/09 Barrett: Doc Fix' Will Create Additional Burdens For Taxpayers 11/13/09 Barrett Statement On President's Irresponsible Decision To Move Terrorists To The United States

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