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4/14/05 Bono Votes for Bankruptcy Reform 4/14/05 Bono Provision Included in Energy Bill 4/13/05 Bono Votes to Permanently Repeal the Death Tax 3/09/05 Bono Spyware Bill One Step Closer to Final Passage 2/17/05 Bono Introduces Bill to Curb Gang Violence 2/17/05 Bono Votes for Class Action Fairness 2/16/05 Bono Votes for Broadcast Decency Enforcement 2/16/05 Bono Bill to Protect Consumers from Computer "Spyware" Passes in Congressional Subcommittee 2/16/05 Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005 2/10/05 Bono Votes to Improve Border Security 2/09/05 Real ID Act of 2005 2/08/05 Bono Introduces Legislation to Benefit Renewable Energy Production 2/02/05 Bono Praises President Bush's State of the Union Address 1/26/05 Congressional Hearing Held on Bono Bill to Protect Consumers from Computer "Spyware" 1/04/05 Bono Re-Introduces Spyware Bill 11/20/04 A Speech by the President of the Recording Academy 10/11/04 Conference Report on H.R. 4520, American Jobs Creation Act for 2004 10/05/04 Securely Protect Yourself Against Cyber Trespass Act 9/30/04 Marriage Protection Amendment 8/27/04 Palm Springs International Awarded Funds for Security Enhancements 8/27/04 Statement of Congresswoman Bono 8/26/04 Statement of Congresswoman Bono 7/22/04 Statement of Congresswoman Bono on H.R. 3313 7/22/04 Marriage Protection Act of 2004 7/19/04 Riverside County, California, Land Conveyance 7/12/04 Honoring former President Gerald R. Ford on His 91st Birthday 6/17/04 Adjournment 6/14/04 Recognizing and Honoring Service of Those Who Volunteer Time to Participate in Funeral Honor Guards 6/09/04 Mourning the Passing of President Ronald Reagan 4/21/04 169 House Members Call on Bush to Recognize Armenian Genocide 4/01/04 Bono Expresses Concern for Rising Gas Prices 3/31/04 Panel I of a Hearing of the Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection Subcomm. of the House Energy and Commerce Committee-U.S.-China Trade 2/11/04 Hearing of the Subcomm. on Telecommunications and the Internet of the House Comm. on Energy and Commerce-The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004 1/21/04 Bono Acts to Ban Profanity in Television and Radio Broadcasts 1/20/04 Bono Praises President Bush's State of the Union Address

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