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10/11/12 Leading House and Senate Republicans Urge President to Rethink Issuing Cybersecurity Executive Order 9/12/12 Hearing of the Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee - Where the Jobs Are: There's an App for That 9/12/12 Subcommittee Explores State of the Apps Economy 8/03/12 A Minute with Mary 8/02/12 Bono Mack Internet Freedom Legislation Approved Unanimously By Full House 8/01/12 Expressing Sense of Congress on Governance of the Internet 7/31/12 Committee Approves Legislation to Protect Consumers and Cut Red Tape 7/27/12 A Minute with Mary 7/25/12 Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act 7/17/12 Bono Mack, Butterfield Lead Efforts in House to Reauthorize, Extend U.S. SAFE WEB Act 6/19/12 Chamber of Commerce Announces Support of Bono Mack Legislation to Protect Internet 6/04/12 Bono Mack Urges Facebook to Move Cautiously Before Allowing Children Under 13 on Site 5/30/12 Bipartisan Leaders of the Committee Introduce Resolution to Preserve and Protect a Global Internet Free from Government Control 4/26/12 Bono Mack Supports Bipartisan Cybersecurity Bill to Safeguard America Against Terrorist Attacks 4/26/12 Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act 3/30/12 Bono Mack Says New Data Breach Highlights Need for Legislation to Protect U.S. Consumers 3/29/12 Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee Discusses President's Privacy Proposal 3/29/12 Bono Mack Urges FTC, NTIA to Work Closely with Industry to Develop Privacy Safeguards 3/27/12 Bono Mack-Blackburn Cybersecurity Legislation Facilitates Critical Information Sharing 2/16/12 Bono Mack, Inslee Introduce Legislation to Establish Tribal Seat on USF 1/30/12 Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Presses Google on Privacy Changes 1/19/12 Bono Mack Says 'Legitimate Concerns' Raised About SOPA 1/01/12 Issue Position: Intellectual Property 11/29/11 Bono Mack Says FTC-Facebook Settlement Good for American Consumers 10/05/11 New Cybersecurity Report Highlights Need for Data Protection Legislation 10/05/11 Bono Mack Says Proposed FTC Rule Will Better Protect Children's Privacy 7/14/11 Subcommittees Launch Comprehensive Review of Internet Privacy 6/29/11 Bono Mack and Walden Announce Kickoff Hearing on Privacy Issues in an Online Global Economy 5/17/11 Letter to Mr. Kazuo Hirai Chairman Sony Computer Entertainment America 1/26/11 Bono Mack to Fight Government Intervention of Internet 1/20/11 Bono Mack Vows to Fight FCC Power Grab 12/21/10 Bono Mack: FCC Is Just Plain Wrong 12/17/10 Bono Mack: UN Should Not Control Internet 12/03/10 Bono Mack: Wrong Policies Severely Hinder Economic Recovery 12/01/10 Bono Mack: FCC's Internet Regulation Proposal Wrong Approach 5/12/09 Bono Mack Works to Help Customers Keep Their Phone Numbers 9/27/08 Calling Card Consumer Protection Act 9/27/08 Calling Card Consumer Protection Act 2/16/05 Bono Votes for Broadcast Decency Enforcement 1/21/04 Bono Acts to Ban Profanity in Television and Radio Broadcasts

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