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10/20/14 Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel - Senate Candidates Target Ebola Response 10/18/14 Udall Calls on TSA, CDC to Immediately Restrict Air-Travel for Individuals Possibly Exposed to Ebola 8/06/14 Blog: A Day Without Colorado Aerospace 8/01/14 Udall, Bennet Welcome $130 Million in Federal Transportation Funding to Fix Flood-Damaged Roads, Highways 7/31/14 U.S. House of Representatives Rejects Colorado Provisions in Highway Bill 7/26/14 Greeley Tribune - Northern Colorado Officials Back Proposed Tighter Regulations on Oil Trains 7/23/14 U.S. Department of Transportation Heeds Udall's Call to Strengthen Train Safety Regulations, Prevent Fuel-Train Explosions 7/15/14 Letter to Harry Reid, Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate and John Boehner, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives - Sustain Highway Trust Fund 7/11/14 Udall, Bennet Call for Quick Passage of Bill to Sustain Highway Trust Fund 6/23/14 Udall Presses Colorado National Monument Superintendent to Address Fuel Ban, Find Community-Driven Way Forward 5/09/14 Oil Train Spill in Weld County Underscores Urgency of Udall's Push for U.S. Transportation Department to Update Safety Standards 4/29/14 Udall Urges House, Senate Leaders to Heed Counties' Concerns, Invest in Job-Creating Transportation Infrastructure 4/23/14 Udall Welcomes U.S. Department of Transportation's $3.5M Investment to Fix Flood-Damaged Roads in Rocky Mountain National Park 4/14/14 Udall, Bennet Congratulate Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport on Securing $7 Million Competitive Grant for Runway Upgrades 4/05/14 Letter to Patty Murray, Chairman and Susan Collins, Ranking Member of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies Subcommittee - Udall, Heinrich Seek Support for Amtrak's Southwest Chief Route 2/21/14 U.S. Transportation Department Heeds Udall's Call, Takes Steps to Strengthen Safety of Trains Hauling Explosive Fuels 2/11/14 Udall Welcomes Amtrak's Commitment to Southwest Chief, Rail Service to Trinidad, La Junta 2/05/14 Letter to the Congerssional Leaderhsip - Find Bipartisan Solution Before Highway Trust Fund Becomes Insolvent 1/24/14 Udall, Perlmutter Herald Commerce City as Example of Right Way to Confront Train Noise, Strengthen Public Safety 1/10/14 Following Udall, Bennet Pressure, Federal Railroad Administration Helps Commerce City Implement Train-Noise Quiet Zone 1/08/14 Udall, Bennet, Perlmutter Welcome Release of $110 Million from DOT for Flood Recovery Efforts 1/01/14 Issue Position: Protecting Colorado's Way of Life 12/13/13 Udall-Supported Bill Passes, Provides Certainty to Job-Creating Aerospace Industry 11/12/13 Udall Welcomes Partnership to Use Emergency Highway Funds He Secured to Repair Larimer County Road 43 11/07/13 Udall, Bennet Thank Federal Railroad Administration for Heeding Their Calls to Work with Colorado Communities to Ease Train Noise Rules 10/21/13 Colorado Congressional Delegation, Governor Mark Access to New Emergency Transportation Funding 10/21/13 Blog: Rebuilding Stronger and Smarter 10/16/13 Udall, Bennet Negotiations Ensure Emergency Transportation Funding Included in Bipartisan Senate Deal to Avert Default 9/30/13 Udall, Bennet Welcome Passage of Deficit-Neutral Bill to Eliminate Cap on Emergency Road Funding for Colorado in Wake of Devastating Flooding 9/27/13 Udall Welcomes Bureau of Reclamation, Estes Park Partnership to Help Rebuild Flood-Damaged Transportation Infrastructure 9/24/13 Udall, Bennet Introduce Deficit-Neutral Bill to Eliminate Cap on Emergency Road Funding for Colorado in Wake of Devastating Flooding 9/23/13 Letter to Administrator Joseph Szabo, Federal Railroad Administration - Work with Commerce City to Implement Train-Noise Quiet Zone 9/19/13 Letter to Chairmen Rogers and Mikulski and Ranking Members Shelby and Lowely, House and Senate Appropriations Committee - Lift Cap for Transportation Flood Recovery Funds 8/30/13 Udall Congratulates Windsor on Receiving $2.7 Million Competitive Grant to Reduce Train Noise, Establish Quiet Zones 8/30/13 Udall, Bennet, Polis Herald $10 Million Competitive Grant to Improve Eisenhower, Johnson Tunnels, Strengthen Commerce Along Interstate 70 Corridor 8/22/13 Udall Congratulates Colorado Airports on Receiving More Than $9.1 Million in Competitive Transportation Grants 6/13/13 Letter to Chairman Warner and Senator Blunt - Revision of FRA Regulations 6/06/13 Letter to Michael Huerta, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration - Air Traffic Services 5/03/13 Letter to Michael Huerta, Administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration - Locate Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site in Colorado 5/01/13 Senators Collins, Udall Urge Colleagues to Pass Broader Sequestration Fix as President Signs Bipartisan Bill to Unchain Airports, Protect Jobs 5/01/13 Udall, Collins Urge Colleagues to Pass Broader Sequestration Fix as President Signs Bipartisan Bill to Unchain Airports, Commerce 5/01/13 Fixing Sequestration's Impact on Travelers, Businesses and Commerce 4/26/13 Udall-Led Proposal to End Flight Delays, Long Lines at Airports Passes U.S. House of Representatives, Flies to President's Desk 4/26/13 The New York Times - G.O.P. Claims Victory as Bill to Curb Flight Delays Passes 4/25/13 Senators Collins, Udall Introduce Bill to Restore Essential FAA Funding; Avoid Further Furloughs and Disruption to Air Travel 4/25/13 U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Udall-Led Bipartisan Compromise to Fix Long Lines, Delays at Nation's Airports 4/23/13 Udall Urges U.S. Forest Service, CDOT to Prioritize Life-Saving Parking Improvements Atop Grand Mesa 3/06/13 Letter to Administrator Pistole - Aviation Security 8/28/12 Udall Says New Fuel Efficiency Standards Will Save Coloradans Money, Improve Air Quality and Bolster U.S. Energy Security 7/25/12 Udall Welcomes RTD Board Approval of Proposal to Complete I-225 Rail Line

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