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9/11/14 Udall Decries Obstruction of Constitutional Amendment to Limit Corporate, Special Interests' Influence on Elections 6/24/14 Udall Renews Call on Congress to Curb Special-Interest Influence on Elections 1/21/14 Udall: Campaigns Must Be Financed by Voters, Not Special Interests 11/13/13 Letter to Secretary John Kerry, State Department - Free and Fair Elections in Honduras 6/22/12 Daily Camera - Sen. Udall: Giving Citizens Power in a Post-Citizens United Era 6/21/12 Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act Of 2012 6/19/12 Price, Udall, Van Hollen Push Plan to Mend Presidential Campaign Public Financing System 6/04/12 Udall, Coburn Introduce Bill to End Taxpayer Subsidies for Party Conventions 6/04/12 Coburn, Mark Udall Introduce Bill to End Taxpayer Subsidies for Party Conventions 3/21/12 Udall Co-Sponsors Bill to Put an End to Anonymous Campaign Spending 8/28/08 2008 Democratic National Convention: Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Mark Udall, Member of the US House of Representatives, Colorado 8/28/08 Thirty-Two Years Ago, My Dad, Mo Udall, a Fourth-Generation Westerner, Spoke to the Democratic National Convention 8/23/08 Statement of Mark Udall on Senator Joe Biden's Nomination for Vice President 2/01/07 Udall Backs Candidate Anti-Corruption Act 9/21/06 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 4844, Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006 4/07/04 Congressional Leaders to FEC: Allow Political Organizations to Participate Fully in Elections 2/13/04 Congressional Leaders: FEC Should Allow Political Organizations to Fully Participate in Elections

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