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7/14/17 Senator Coons Secures Funding for Delaware Army Guard, Veterans Post-Traumatic Stress Initiative in Annual Spending Bill 7/12/17 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee - Opening Statement of Sen. Coons, Hearing on Nomination of Christopher Wray for FBI Director 6/23/17 Letter to the Honorable Donald J. Trump, President of the United States - Value of South Korea Relations in Deterring the Threat of North Korea 6/20/17 Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Opening Statement by Sen. Coons, Hearing on Reviewing Congressional Authorizations for the Use of Military Force 6/08/17 Sen. Coons on Comey's Testimony: "It Will Reinforce…that We Have a Significant Problem with a President Who Is Engaged in Certainly Unwise, Unethical Conduct" 6/07/17 Senator Coons' Statement on Christopher Wray 6/06/17 Sen. Coons on Comey Testimony, Trump's Global Engagement: "I Think It's Reckless and Gravely Concerning a Lot of Our Allies around the World" 5/24/17 Sen. Coons on Trump Pressuring Intelligence, Law Enforcement Re Russia Investigations: "Either [He] Doesn't Understand How These Relationships Work…or He Just Doesn't Care" 5/23/17 Sen Coons on Trump Trip: "I'm Frankly Holding My Breath This Week" 4/28/17 Letter to Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia - Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen 4/05/17 Sen. Coons on MSNBC: "This Is not a Good Week for the Senate" 4/04/17 Letter to President Donald Trump - Complete THAAD Deployment to South Korea, Press China to End Retaliation 3/20/17 Letter to President Donald Trump - Senators Urge Continued U.S. Support for Unity, Stability in Iraq 2/22/17 Letter to the Hon. Rex Tillerson - Leaders Seek Accountability for War Crimes in Syria 2/06/17 Ernst-Coons-Fischer-Gillibrand Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Track National Guard Cyber Capabilities 10/28/16 Letter to the Hon. Ashton Carter, Secretary of Defense - Restore Guard Bonuses 10/25/16 Letter to the Hon. John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Hon. Jack Reed, Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Hon. Mac Thornberry, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, the Hon. Adam Smith, Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee - Call for a Provision Rolling Back Critical Workplace Protections Be Stripped From Final Defense Authorization Bill 9/28/16 Senator Coons Secures Dover Funding in Senate Spending Bill 9/14/16 Senator Coons' Statement on the Signing of a New U.S. - Israel Memorandum of Understanding 9/13/16 Home Press Releases Press Release Senators Shaheen, Cardin, Boxer, Menendez, Coons, Murphy and Kaine Introduce Resolution to Commemorate the 15th Anniversary of NATO's Invocation of Article V 7/06/16 Letter to Congressional Conferees of the NDAA - Menendez Joins Bipartisan Group of Senators in Calling for Robust Black Hawk Funding 7/01/16 The Huffington Post - "We Can Keep America Safe Without Sacrificing Our Core Values" 6/22/16 Coons, Rubio Introduce Resolution Urging the U.S. to Finalize Military Assistance Agreement with Israel 5/19/16 Letter to the Hon. Ray Mabus,Secretary of the Navy, and Admiral John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations - Urging the Use of Wallops Island Virginia as the Permanent East Coast Base for the MQ-4C Triton Unmanned Aircraft 4/25/16 Letter to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States - Call to Renew, Strengthen Security MOU with Israel 4/20/16 Senator Coons' Clean Energy Provisions Pass with Bipartisan Energy Bill 3/21/16 Letter to Thad Cochran, Chairman and Richard Durbin, Vice Chairman, Subcommittee on Defense, Committee on Appropriations - In Support of Funding Israeli Missile Defense Programs 3/03/16 Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2015 6/10/15 Senator Coons' statement on tying cyber security legislation to defense bill 4/30/15 Leahy, Coons, Ernst bill would strengthen State Partnership Program 4/02/15 Senator Coons statement on nuclear negotiations with Iran 3/27/15 Letter to Thad Cochran, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, and Dick Durbin, Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations - U.S.-Israel Cooperative Missile Defense Programs 3/26/15 Coons, Sanders Propose Temporary Surtax to Pay for War with ISIS 3/25/15 Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2016 -- Continued 3/11/15 MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript: On the Senate Letter to Iran and Fighting ISIS 2/11/15 Statement of Senator Coons on the Administration's Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against ISIL 1/13/15 Senator Coons Re-Introduces Bill to Reauthorize Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Program 12/11/14 Committee Approves AUMF with Senator Coons' Legislation Insisting War be Paid for 12/10/14 Senator Coons Files AUMF Amendment Insisting Congress Pay for War Against ISIS 12/09/14 Senator Coons Urges Congress to Stay in Session to Vote on War, Find Way to Pay for It 9/11/14 Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act -- Motion to Proceed 9/10/14 Statement of Senator Coons on President Obama's Address on Strategy Against the Islamic State 12/20/13 Senator Coons Votes to Approve National Defense Authorization Act 12/17/13 National Defense Authorization Includes Coons-Authored Protection for National Guard Role in Cyber Missions 11/20/13 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014 11/05/13 Senators Coons, Durbin Welcome Laying-down of Arms by M23 in the Congo 10/11/13 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Iran and P5 +1 Talks 10/08/13 Letter to Sec. Chuck Hagel, Dept of Defense - Restore Death Benefits for Families of Fallen Heroes 10/04/13 Letter to Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense - Pay National Guard, Reserves During Shutdown 9/18/13 Senator Coons Praises Air Force Decision Not to Furlough Civilian Employees in 2014

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