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Ilario Pantano's Public Statements

Date Title
May 10, 2012 For Our Children's Sake: Support Republican Candidates
April 22, 2012 Fayetteville Observe - GOP Candidates Fight a Fierce Battle for Congressional District 7 Nomination
April 18, 2012 Pantano Receives Endorsement of Pro-Life Group Founded by Phyllis Schlafly
April 6, 2012 Rouzer Caught on Tape Lying About Role in Amnesty for Illegals
April 3, 2012 Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to Hold Fundraiser for Pantano (NC-7)
Jan. 1, 2012 Issue Position: Promote Jobs and the Economy
Jan. 1, 2012 Let Freedom Ring USA: Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge
Jan. 1, 2012 The US Term Limits Amendment Pledge
Jan. 1, 2012 Issue Position: Restore Conservative Values
Jan. 1, 2012 Issue Position: Protecting the Homeland
Oct. 13, 2010 The Cuban Piece in China's Puzzle: The Second Cuban Missile Crisis (CMC2)
Oct. 9, 2010 Pantano Leads The Way On Term Limits
Sept. 1, 2010 Pantano Praises Gates On Fiscal Discipline And Calls For Congressional Pay Cuts
Aug. 15, 2010 Pantano Outraged By Obama's Support of Ground Zero Mosque
Aug. 12, 2010 Chamber Drops Admission Costs for McIntyre/Pantano Debate
Aug. 11, 2010 Pantano Says Defense Budget Cuts Should Be Example for Entire Federal Bureaucracy
Aug. 4, 2010 Pantano Denounces Activist Judge In California's Prop 8 Ruling
Aug. 3, 2010 Americans for Prosperity: No Climate Tax
Aug. 3, 2010 Candidate Pantano Gets an Education About Charter Day School in Leland, NC
July 31, 2010 Debate Heats Up About Mosque Near Ground Zero
July 29, 2010 YouCut Week 9
July 27, 2010 Change of Service
July 22, 2010 YouCut Weeks 8 & 9
July 19, 2010 Blog: Economic Lessons Learned From Texas
July 14, 2010 YouCut Week 7: "Blue Dog" Democrats Fail To Cut Spending
July 14, 2010 Pantano Commends New Hanover Commissioners for Resolution Supporting Arizona Immigration Law
July 12, 2010 Pantano Says Obama Administration Asleep at the Wheel While The Impact of Oil Leak Disaster Grows
July 7, 2010 Online Vulnerabilities A National Security Priority
July 6, 2010 Your Choices For YouCut Week 7
July 4, 2010 The Declaration of Independence
July 1, 2010 Congressman Phil Gingrey Announces Sixth Winning YouCut Item
June 28, 2010 Blog: YouCut: Week 6
June 23, 2010 Blog: Pantano Calls on Obama Administration to Immediately Re-Charter the OCS Policy Committee
June 22, 2010 Blog: Democrats And The Black Hole Of Education Spending
June 18, 2010 YouCut: Week 5
June 17, 2010 Blog: A Mosque At Ground Zero? Forsaking Israel? What's Next...A Nuclear Iran?
June 15, 2010 YouCut: Citizens Teaming With House Republicans To Fight Wasteful Spending
May 31, 2010 Blog: Don't Ask How Much it Costs to Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
May 25, 2010 Blog: Citizens Fight Wasteful Spending With YouCut
May 18, 2010 Pantano Public Remarks May 18, 2010
May 5, 2010 Blog: First We Give Thanks and Glory to God. "With God All Things are Possible." Matthew 19:26
Issue Position: Protect the Homeland
Issue Position: Preserve Conservative Values
Issue Position: Promote Job Creation and Stimulate the Economy
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