Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin's Public Statements

Office: Lieutenant Governor (AR), Republican
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1/02/15 Griffin: "It Has Been an Honor' to Serve Arkansas's Second Congressional District 12/11/14 Griffin: Government Funding Bill "Lowers Discretionary Spending' to Pre-FY 2008 Levels 12/03/14 Griffin: Bill Extends Provisions to Help American Taxpayers 7/17/14 Griffin: Bill Simplifies Tax Code to Encourage Charitable Giving 7/16/14 Griffin: Financial Services Funding Bill Limits IRS and Helps Small Businesses 7/15/14 Griffin Supports Bipartisan Bill to Prevent Tax on Internet Access 7/11/14 Griffin Votes to Reduce Uncertainty for America's Job Creators 7/10/14 Griffin: House Passes Bill to Support National Security, Infrastructure and Energy Independence 6/25/14 Griffin Works to Cut Costs for Hardworking Families and Make College More Affordable 6/20/14 Hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee - IRS Commissioner's Answers "Incomplete and Unacceptable" 6/10/14 Griffin: House Passes Bill to Invest in America's Infrastructure and Eliminate Government Waste 6/09/14 Griffin Amendment Prioritizes Pipeline Safety Over Federal Transit Administration Bureaucracy 5/29/14 Griffin Works to Provide Certainty to Taxpayers 5/22/14 Griffin: NDAA Supports Our Troops and Their Essential Benefits 5/09/14 Griffin Votes to Simplify Tax Credit To Grow Jobs 4/10/14 Griffin: House Republicans Do Their Job, Pass Budget That Actually Balances 4/10/14 Letter to Howard "Buck" Mckeon, Chairman and Adam Smith, Ranking Member of the U.S. Armed Services Committee - Funding for the Modernization and Recapitalization of the Air National Guard C-130 Fleet 4/09/14 Griffin: Investigation Finds "Lois Lerner May Have Broken the Law,' Time For Justice Department to Hold Her Accountable 4/04/14 Griffin: House Passes Bill to Ensure "Full Economic Impact of Proposed Legislation' Is Analyzed 4/02/14 Griffin: House Budget Plan Will "Save Hardworking Taxpayers Money, Balance the Budget and Grow Good-Paying Jobs' 3/04/14 Griffin: "There is a Better Path Forward' than President Obama's Budget Proposal 3/04/14 Griffin: "There is a Better Path Forward' than President Obama's Budget Proposal 2/27/14 Letter to Jack Lew, Secretary of the Department of the Treasury and John Koskinen, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service - Proposed 501(c)(4) Rules 2/26/14 Griffin: Chairman Camp's Tax Reform Discussion Draft "Begins the Conversation' 2/26/14 Griffin: The Obama Administration's Attempts to Restrict Inconvenient Voices "Cannot be Allowed to Go Forward' 2/25/14 Griffin Supports Bills to Increase Accountability, Stop Government Abuse 2/11/14 Like Senator Obama in 2006, Griffin Opposes Increasing Debt Limit without Reform 1/30/14 Roll Call - Why I Put My Political Career on 'Operational Pause' 1/15/14 Griffin: Bill Sets Discretionary Spending Billions below Ryan Budget, Back to Bush Administration Levels 12/12/13 Griffin No "Fan," But "Reluctantly Support[s]" Budget Agreement 11/19/13 Griffin Applauds Advancement of Tax Reform Discussion 10/30/13 Griffin Implores President Obama: Work with Congress to Address Washington's Spending Addiction 10/29/13 Disapproval Resolution Relating to Debt Limit Increase 10/16/13 Griffin Supports Bipartisan Senate Bill to End the Shutdown, Protect America's Credit Rating 10/10/13 Griffin Votes to Fund Border Security Programs 10/10/13 Griffin Leads Bipartisan Call for Leaders to Negotiate, End the Shutdown 10/09/13 Griffin: House Votes to Reverse Obama Administration's Denial of Benefits to Families of Fallen Service Members 10/08/13 Griffin: House Passes Head Start Program Funding Bill 10/08/13 Griffin Leading Capitol Tours for Constituents During Shutdown 10/05/13 Griffin: House Ensures Furloughed Federal Workers Won't Miss a Paycheck Because of Shutdown 10/04/13 Griffin: House to Pass WIC and FEMA Funding Bills 10/03/13 Griffin Plan Will Ensure State and Federal Workers Are Paid and Made Whole 10/03/13 Griffin: House Passes Bills to Pay National Guard and Veterans 10/03/13 Griffin: House Passes Bills to Pay National Guard and Veterans 10/02/13 Letter to Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Rand Beers, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security - Comply with the "Pay Our Military Act" 10/02/13 Griffin: Senate Should Pass "Critical' Funding Bills 10/01/13 Griffin Working to Reach Agreement and Open Government 10/01/13 Griffin: "Shutting Down the Federal Government Is Terrible Policy' 9/30/13 Griffin: House Plan Keeps Government Open and Overturns President's Special Obamacare Subsidies for Members of Congress and Senators 9/30/13 Griffin Urges President Obama to "Immediately' Sign Bill Ensuring Military Pay

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